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Heart of Dakota School MtMM

Caleb’s Log
Using the My Student Logbook really helped me with streamlining the 4 guides. There was no searching or thinking what box, day, unit, are we on, which ones do we need to complete?

I’m really disappointed that I didn’t take many pictures of Caleb’s day.
First stop with Caleb was Storytime: Under the Hawthorn Tree.

Then I read Biblical Self Image: Who Am I? I read this with Annette when she used MtMM so it’s funny knowing I’ll be reading this book 4 more times in the next 5 years!

Normally I don’t need to sit with Caleb during the Reading about History, but today he had to complete a written narration so I wanted to go over that with him.

As you can see from his log, I didn’t need to do too much with him, yay!
He even did most of his science on his own.
Mission to Modern Marvels
He was having so much fun that he even completed next weeks science experiment by accident!
Mission to Modern Marvels
This week he will complete Unit 1 Day 4 and Unit 2 Days 1 & 2. Our goal is to complete 3 days of HOD a week from now through Jan. Praying that by Jan. he’ll complete 4 days a week.

We will take off part of Dec. – mid Jan. and officially start our new homeschool year. Right now I’m still getting thing ready for our next homeschool year.

Read about:
Preparing<---hopefully this link will go live soon Winking smile


  1. I've been checking out My Student Logbook since you posted about it a couple days ago and ordered one today! Can't wait to get it.
    I'm glad you posted more about the physical science, too. We are using Apologia General Science this year and it is a tough transition for my son for 7th. I'm considering Exploration Ed Physical science for next year, but I have't seen enough of it to get a good idea how it compares. I'm so glad you are using it this year, so we can check it out some more. Working ahead is a good sign by accident is a good sign. :)

  2. I hope the student log book works out for you. I can't wait to order some of the physical student log books. I like that they keep even me on track!

    I'll make an extra effort to blog more about science this year. My boys so far (I know we are only a week in) are excited about science.


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