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Heart of Dakota School (Rev2Rev)

We are getting our feet wet with using 6 Heart of Dakota Guides. Hopefully by January when our homeschool year will officially start, the children and I will have found our groove.

Sept. 15th-19th, 2014
Unit 1
Focus:The Awakening Church and Life in the Thirteen Colonies

At the beginning of the week I’ll admit we were all flip-flopping around. The children had to wait for me to help them with their reading and even I was getting confused as to where we were on what day.

I decided to use My Student Logbook with Brent. We are still trying to figure out a system so he knows and I know exactly where we are at and what Brent is suppose to do on his own.
Although it’s going to take some time on my part each week I think this will really help Brent to know what he is to do on his own and for me to know exactly where he is at a glance.

Heart of Dakota: Revival to Revolution is really not suppose to be as complicated as we are making it look (smile). It’s just that Brent still has trouble reading so I’m helping out a lot. It does make for a long mama day but I must say, I love knowing exactly what each child is doing. And on a positive note, I’ll know more when the next child is in this guide. I still have two more kiddos that will complete Rev2Rev Lord willing.
Brent completed part of Unit 1, days 1, 2, and some of 3.

Our Storytime book is Amos Fortune: Free Man.
This weeks history project Brent is making an Eastern Woodland Headdress.
History Project
The day before he made the headband. For the feathers we found a free feather template online.

Bible Brent has been using Hidden Treasures in Hebrew. His memory verse for this week is Hebrews 11:1-2.

I’m reading Who Is God? And Can I Really Know Him?
Heart of Dakota
I love that Heart of Dakota (HOD) has the child not doing busy work when creating their notebooks. I absolutely love the keepsake notebooks that each of my children using HOD will make. This year Brent will also have a State Study notebook where he will paste the states flag, seal, tree, flower, etc. write in and color. I think by the end of the year he’ll have a really neat notebook to look back on using Fifty States Under God <--- love the title!
Heart of Dakota
Brent’s science just arrived today, so he started the first lesson. I couldn’t find our glue gun which means Brent didn’t get to put the racer together. He was disappointed but is looking forward to completing this on Monday.
I gave Brent a special Bible to use for his Heart of Dakota Bible study. I think it will be a wonderful way for him to look back on his school years when he is older.
Heart of Dakota
Heart of Dakota
Brent didin’t complete the whole unit. In fact we didn’t get to geography using Map Trek.
This is where Brent and I do most of his HOD schooling.
Heart of Dakota
Brent also completed:
All About Reading: Finished this! He’ll move onto level 4 as soon as I purchase it
Math Essentials: 5 lessons
Rod and Staff English: 4 lessons
Writing & Rhetoric Book 2 Narrative: completing lesson 8

I think that’s everything! Now I need some coffee!


  1. I love reading your blog posts, Linda. :) My hat goes off to you pulling off 6 guides! I many days feel like pulling my hair out with only 2 lol! I really like the method you've come up with for keeping everything managed. I "reluctantly" decided to have my ds skip Rev to Rev to be on track for the high school guides, and reading about your experience with it does bring a small pang of sadness that he is missing it :(, though I do think it was the best choice. Maybe by the time my younger dd gets there, I'll feel confident enough to just add extras for hs credit and not have to skip it. ;) Blessings to you!

  2. Hi, Miranda, I felt the exact same way with having Annette skip it and with Caleb not using it this year. It makes me sad that they're missing out on an awesome HOD guide.

    But like you as well I know it was best for us. I don't like tweaking guides especially if it has to do with adding things to make it high school worthy.


  3. My daughter M really enjoyed RevtoRev. You'll have to post about the science -- we chose a different route, but I heard really good things about it.

  4. Hi, Mud Puddle Soup =) originally I was going to skip it because of the cost but then I was thinking how much Brent loves to build things. I let hubby know and he agreed it would be good. I'm excited for him. I don't know anyone who has used it before.


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