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Heart of Dakota School: Week 2

Starting another week of Heart of Dakota school with running 6 Guides. So far so good (it’s only Monday though Winking smile)

Sunday I gathered the four younger student guides: Preparing, Creation to Christ, Revival to Revolution, and Mission to Modern Marvels. I printed out this weeks portion of My Student Logbook and got to planning.

Since we are all over the place in each guide I decided to write the unit and day in each box for each child (Caleb, Brent, Ethan, and Lance).
On the left I wrote every subject and box that is in the Heart of Dakota (HOD) Guide. I highlighted the subject/boxes that Brent can do on his own. The boxes that are not highlighted we do together.

This morning I sat with Brent first. I read our Storytime book, Amos Fortune (Unit 1 Day 4).
Heart of Dakota
We completed Music Appreciation from Unit 1 Day 4.
Revival to Revolution
Brent and I took turns reading from Periods of Music, the little booklet we made last week.
Revival to Revolution
Next was the State Study box also Unit 1 Day 4.
Revival to Revolution
After we read, again we took turns, I had him mark the box in My Student Logbook using a yellow highlighter. Now that we read everything he could complete the rest of the State Study on his own but later on his own time. Once he completed the State Study pages, he then can mark an X in the box showing that he completed the assignment.

Next we moved on to Independent Study. I just had to go over what to do with his notebook. Lastly I went over the Geography box. I think from here on out he’ll be able to complete the Geography box. Today I wanted to go over it, show him his binder, and let him know that I printed all the maps.
Map work
After I explained things he highlighted the Geography box in My Student Notebook indicating that he still needs to complete his map work.
Map work
By the end of the week Brent will have completed Unit 1 Day 4, Unit 2 Days 1 & 2. Our goal is to complete at least 3 days of Heart of Dakota for each of the 4 younger boys. Pray-fully by January we can bump it up to 4 days with the 5th day being a catch-up day if needed.

So if everything works out this week, next week Brent will complete Unit 2 Days 3 & 4 and start Unit 3 Day 1.

I’m trying to keep each Guide that I post separate so the links below are not live yet.

To read Week 2 (Monday) of :
Preparing, Creation to Christ, and Mission to Modern Marvels <<<-----click the titles!

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