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Park Time

Our family tries to go to the park or track at least four times a week. We have a really nice park not to far, maybe a 10 minute drive or less. Too far to walk.

There are tennis courts, basketball courts, a really neat play area, and lots of restrooms. This park his huge!

Lately the kids have been playing basketball.
Do you see a little guy climbing the pole?
Sorry my pictures aren’t that great. I took them with my phone and it was dark already.

This is Lance before it became dark. We usually arrive when the sun is up and leave when the moon is up.
Yup, that’s Lance alright. Shoes that don’t match.
Lance doesn’t care much for basketball. He said, “What fun is it throwing and bouncing a ball. That’s all you do”, he prefers playing football and baseball. Funny kid!

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  1. Gotta love mismatched shoes :) It is wonderful that you get out that often. I am not so diligent by any means.


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