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Schoolhouse Review: Fix It! Grammar

Fix It! Grammar Review
Ethan and I have been reviewing Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree from Institute for Excellence in Writing.
We have really been liking Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree because the lessons are short and not overwhelming for Ethan. It takes no more than 15 minutes a day!
What I received for this review:
Fix It! Grammar the Nose Tree (Book 1) Teacher Manual $19.00
Fix it! Grammar The Nose Tree (Book 1) Student Book $15.00

Recommended Age: 3rd Grade & up
Fix It! Grammar The Nose Tree
What is Fix It! Grammar: This grammar program is unique in the way grammar is taught. Your child will learn grammar while fixing mistakes in a story. With The Nose Tree your child is fixing, reading, and rewriting a Brother Grimm fairytale
There are 33 weeks of daily passages which can be completed in 4 days. Your child will learn a grammar concept, locate errors thus fixing it, then rewrite the passage.
Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree Student Book 1 is spiral bound and has three parts. The workbook pages, grammar cards to be cut out each week, and a glossary explaining all the grammar rules. The glossary probably won’t be used much by the younger students but is great for mom and older children.
Each week there is a two page spread. On the left side are instructions for the child as what he/she will fix that week. For instance week 1 the child will find nouns, homophones, and end marks. The editing symbol for indenting is also explained.
Fix It! Grammar
On the bottom of the instruction page the child is told exactly what to do:
*Read the sentence.
*Define the bolded vocabulary word.
*Fix and mark the sentence.
*Discuss your work with your teacher.
*Rewrite the sentence in another notebook.
Each week there are new grammar concepts to fix. By week 26 your child will fix prepositional phrases, clause starters, verbs (not just action verbs), who-which clauses, coordinating conjunctions, –ly adverbs, and the child will also learn what Institute for Excellence calls Style.
The style of
the verb- strong verb (undertake, costumed, hurry)
adjectives – quality adjectives (exquisite, juicy)
and adverbs - -ly adverbs (heartily, boldly)
As you can see it gets pretty meaty in the first book.
The Teacher Manual is semi scripted. Each page has the days sentence with answers. It guides the teacher to ask questions, for instance: Who is doing the action? or name the helping verb in this sentence?
Fix It! Grammar
There are notes in the margins to remind you to discuss, adjust the lesson as needed, or if it’s a review week. Little mental notes for mom is what I call the marginal notes!
It is recommended that older students start with book 1 and work at a faster pace. There is a placement test your child can take as well if you decide you’d rather not start at the beginning. You can also see samples of each Fix It! Grammar level at Institute of Excellence in Writing’s website.
What’s great about the 3rd edition of Fix It! Grammar, the teacher manual and the student books have a much cleaner look. There is a teacher manual for each level which for me makes things a lot easier because there isn’t so much instructions on a page. The child doesn’t have to refer to the appendix for more information, everything the child needs to know is on the 2 page spread.
How We Used It:
I used Fix It! Grammar with my 11 year old son Ethan. The first few weeks we did everything together. By the 3rd week he could do most of it on his own.
On Monday I went over everything with him. We fixed the passage together. Tuesday-Thursday he completed his work and later we would meet to go over what he completed. I would further discuss with him the grammar concept.

Friday he would do the rewrite. This can be done on the 4th day as well but for us it worked out to do it another day.
Fix It Grammar Cards
What We Thought:
If Ethan had to pick a favorite reason why he likes this program it would be that it doesn’t take long. All he has to do is fix one sentence and look up one vocabulary word and that’s it!
If he had to pick his least favorite thing about Fix It! Grammar he would most likely choose looking up the vocabulary words in the dictionary.
  I love the repetition that Fix It! Grammar provides. Every week the child is learning a new grammar concept to fix while continuing to fix/review the previous ones learned. I love that grammar is being taught in a way where the child is combining their grammar knowledge with a story and eventually in their writing when they rewrite the passage. The editing skills I think is a bonus with this program. Of course I like the ease of use. The program doesn’t take 30-40 minutes like other programs I’ve used in the past.
Bottom Line:
Fix It! Grammar.1
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