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This Weekend

This weekend I was itching to get some of the school books organized. 

Joshua’s box of books had been sitting in the living room for over a week now.
World History
I had to take off all his Heart of Dakota Hearts Through Him High School: World Geography.
Heart of Dakota
I transferred the books to Annette’s room. She’s actually going to start the World Geography guide this week (today).

I was bummed that some of dvd and/or cd cases were broken. This seems to  happen a lot where the cd/dvd are sliding around in the case. Not only from HOD but just any cd/dvds that I buy. 
Heart of Dakota
I’m always afraid that my cd/dvd will become scratched. I’m tempted to move them to a different case.
World History
I wasn’t able to fit all his books on one shelf so I cleared another to add all the audio books and DVDs. I can’t wait to get my Heart of Dakota bookshelves completely done.
Heart of Dakota Shelf
I’m making room on this shelf for Mission to Modern Marvels and Resurrection to Reformation as well.

Now to move all of Annette’s books to her room.
World Geography
Heart of Dakota programs that we have used:

Little Hearts w/Lance, only completed half the guide
Bigger Hearts w/Ethan but only completed half
Preparing Hearts w/Caleb and Brent
Creation to Christ w/Caleb and Brent

If I could go back in time I’d start all my kiddos with Heart of Dakota, maybe, I also liked My Father’s World K and 1st Grade. I love MFW Bible Notebook.


  1. Organizing books does help the flow of a school day.

    I have also been disappointed in those cd cases, too.

  2. I don't like hearing the cd rattling around.


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