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We’re Still Doing School

I see all my blogging friends starting back with homeschooling and I want to join in. We schooled through the summer for the most part. Our ‘summer’ break won’t start until Dec/Jan. so we’ve been chugging along.

Homeschooling6 did take 2 weeks off to visit family and friends in CA. Then my Mother-in-law was here for two weeks. All together we ended up taking a month off.
Annette and Josh continued with their schooling while grandma was here and the boys did do UberSmart.
Joshua has two weeks left of Heart of Dakota’s World Geography and Annette is tying up loose ends with Mission to Modern Marvels. She needs to put some of her narrations in her notebook.

I need to take pictures of all their books. I seriously need to search online and figure out how to upload my pictures from my new camera. I’ve been using my phone.

Here’s the plan with the four younger ones (still figuring out some of it).

Math: Math-U-See, finish Zeta and start Pre-Algebra, supplement with UberSmart and CTC Math
Spelling: Spelling You See, which includes copywork and Friday dictation
English: Rod and Staff, I hope to add Grammar Revolution but it might have to wait until our new homeschool year starts in Jan.
Literature: Memoria Press, currently we are working through Lassie. I have the boys read aloud to me so we can break apart any words that they are having trouble with.
Geography; Memoria Press (Middle East, North Africa, Europe)
Science: Memoria Press (Books of Insects)
Writing: Writing and Rhetoric
Bible: AWANA and Alert Cadet

My goal with Caleb is to hopefully start him using Heart of Dakota: Mission to Modern Marvels in January, maybe sooner if I can get his notebook and a few other consumables. I’d like to start him at half speed now. Right now because we don’t have all the consumables he will continue using the above curricula.
Brent’s school is pretty much the same as Caleb’s. The only difference is math. Right now Brent is using Math Essentials Book 2 and CTC Math. I would like to switch him to Teaching Textbooks but we’ll see.

My goal with Brent is to get him ready for Heart of Dakota: Revival to Revolution. I need to purchase all the consumables for him as well.

Here is what Ethan is using currently:

With Ethan I plan to start him using HOD: Creation to Christ in January. I’m praying anyway. He’ll be 12 by then. I would also like him to finish Teaching Textbook 5 and get through most of 6. AND, finish up All About Reading 3 & 4. That’s a tall order considering we only 4 months till Jan. I need to stay consistent with him and just get as much done as I can. Praying, praying, he’ll be ready for Creation to Christ.

Lastly Lance, ack, I don’t know what to use with Lance but here is what I am currently using with him.

And that’s about it. He struggles with writing and reading. He writes like a 1st grader with big letters. He’s still using 3/4” paper. I hope to start HOD Preparing with him soon. I need to organize it.

And that’s where we are at right now. This past school year 13/14 had been a tough one with me concentrating on reading with the younger 4 boys. I’m praying that they will greatly improve so they can be blessed with using Heart of Dakota’s awesome curriculum.


  1. We are still doing the school thing, too. We did take the past two weeks to truly enjoy a bunch of field trips. It was a wonderful, refreshing way to begin the new year.

  2. That is a wonderful way. We love field trips and need to take more of them. Two of my kids might take a month long field trip to Florida. That will be fun.


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