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All About Reading/Spelling Day

A few weeks ago the stomach virus hit our house. It was no fun. Guess who took the longest to get over it, yup, me. The one who eats no wheat, is 90% processed free eater and the one who doesn’t eat sugar, haha, go figure. My kiddos bounced back pretty fast.

It’s been two weeks since I sat down with the kids to do Heart of Dakota, ack! But it is what it is right? I have been doing the basics though, reading, writing, and math.

Today was an All About Spelling and Reading day!

I started All About Spelling level 1 with Lance.
All About Spelling
We started lesson 5 and will finish it tomorrow.

Lance segmented words today.
All About Spelling
I am finding that my son still needs some basic phonics, even though he has been through All About Reading levels Pre and 1. He still gets confused with short and long vowels.
All About Spelling
I have decided to have him go through All About Reading level 1 again. Unfortunately I don’t have that level anymore. I reordered the Teacher Manual and the first reader, a friend gave me her partially used Student Activity book. Only the first 14 lessons are done and she sent me all the pages her daughter completed. And thank the Lord, another friend is letting me borrow the cards and two readers.
All About Spelling
Lance going over the short vowel sounds.
All About Spelling
Here is Lance adding the the correct vowel for each word. I put the two consonants with a blank red (vowel)tile. I said the word, like “mut”, he replaced the blank tile with the correct vowel tile.

Lance also completed two lessons of Teaching Textbooks and one lesson of English Through Literature.

His penmanship is improving. Before his letters would be extra large and floating.
English Lessons Through Literature
Next up was Ethan.
The only subject I didn’t get to was English Lessons Through Literature.
All About Spelling
He had to spell words with a suffix. First the root word than add the suffix.
All About Spelling
Ethan has been parked in lesson 11. Tomorrow I’ll have him spell on paper “More Words” and dictate a few sentences.

Today spelled the words using tiles then wrote them in his composition book (words 61-70).
All About Spelling
All About Spelling
Ethan also identified the job of Silent E and wrote the words in his Silent E Book.
All About Spelling
He also completed half a lesson (15) of All About Reading Level 3. Writing and Rhetoric, we have been going pretty slow but we are working our way through. Today Ethan completed lesson 6. With English Through Literature he is on lesson 65, wahoo, he is more than half way through the book. I want him to start book 3 in January, so regardless if he completes book 2, he will start the 3rd book. I’d really like to skip to book 4 but that might be too big of a jump.

I didn’t take any pictures of Caleb and Brent’s school. They both completed All About Reading Level 4, Lesson 7. Both completed their math and some Heart of Dakota.
All About Reading
Caleb completing an All About Reading (AAR) activity from lesson 2.
All About Reading
I don’t always have them complete the activity pages because some are too easy. I pick and choose.

This is my first affiliated link post. I have been an affiliate with All About Learning but have never done anything with it. Since I blog about it enough, I thought I'd add them. 


  1. {{{hugs}}} So sorry that you have had a rough time bouncing back to health. I can relate a bit and keep praying that my health will be restored soon.


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