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AWANA Costume Night

Last night was Costume Night at AWANA. Most of my boys dressed up as an American Soldier. They dress-up like this every year. I think they really need to get creative and dress as something else.

Here is Brent.
For two weeks Lance was working on a robot costume using boxes. He did a really great job but he didn’t wear it! He said his legs need to look like a robot too. He wasn’t able to figure that part of the costume out. I told him it’s fine but he insisted he needed robot legs.

He ended up going as a racecar mechanic.
My silly guy!
Annette dressed as a cowgirl. I dressed up this year too. A sweet church friend let me borrow a dress she made.
It’s a colonial dress.
There was lots of games and food at AWANA which the kids loved!
I took a bag of Atkins Almond Candy and had one of the apple cups minus the caramel.
Everything was so pretty. Miss Cat Women made all the goodies herself. She did an amazing job!
More goodies.
Hubby was not suppose to be playing tug-of-war!
He’s a gene.

Ethan won a mason jar full of M&M's with guessing how many were in the jar. He was pretty close. 

Another great AWANA night!

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