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Date Night

It’s been a while since I’ve written about one of our date nights. I love spending a Saturday evening with my hubby. We eat, laugh, and read.

This week my Sweets treated me to a birthday dinner (it’s not my birthday yet). We went to my favorite place, The Texas Roadhouse. They make the best steaks. If you are looking to buy stock, investing in this restaurant would be a good thing. It’s always, always, busy.

I ordered a medium rare prime rib steak, sweet potato with butter, and the veggie mix with a glass of lemon water.
I usually eat half the sweet potato. I save the other half for Sunday. I LOVE sweet potatoes. I don’t eat the bread. Lupe, ordered the t-bone steak. Yummy.

Then it was off to Lowe’s. Lupe wanted to look at some lawnmowers. Caleb accidently broke ours. He was mowing the neighbors lawn and ran over something. It ruined one of the blades (I think that’s what it was a blade).
I LOVE my husband. He looks so cute looking at lawnmowers!
One of these days I’m going to buy my husband the grill of his dreams.
Lupe found this stove on sale for $425.00. One of the apartments needs one. Perfect timing. Thank you Jesus!
At Starbucks I was able to get a free Java Frap for Lupe and since I’m still recovering from the stomach bug (not that you can tell with me downing that 12oz steak), I thought I should order something lighter like the Passion Tea.

And that my friends, was another date with the love of my life!
We have so much fun together.


  1. Happy "early" Birthday -- it's this coming Friday, right?

    Texas Roadhouse is one of my favorite restaurants, too! When we visit my dad we try to go every chance we get.

    Praying that someday soon your husband will get that BBQ :)

    Hope you feel better. I have Daughter H down with the stomach flu all night. I'm praying and praying that it stops with her.

  2. Hi, my sweet friend. You have a good memory. Yes, my birthday is next Friday.

    Oh,I'll say a prayer for your too cute daughter. All your girls are so precious.


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