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Look Who Turned 15!

My daughter turned 15 years old in September. My baby is growing up!

Annette and her brothers celebrated their birthdays together. They had a lot of fun playing games, eating ice cream, and cake.

I wanted her actual birthday, day to be special so I took her out for a coffee. Lupe and I treated her to Chilies for dinner and Auntie Anne’s Pretzels for dessert.
It was really nice spending time with her all by herself. During our coffee time we talked about so many things. School, God, what she’d like to do after high school, and goals that she wants to set.

Some of her goals are to read the Bible through, study the Bible, and get her Bible study collection going. She would like to start purchasing commentaries, books on Bible day customs and such.

Another goal is to save her money for a rental property. In the next 10 years she would like to have one of her own or go in on a rental with her brothers and/or dad.

We also talked about her going to the Joshua Wilderness Institute or another 1 year Bible course before she starts college.

I’m so thankful to the Lord that she has a heart after God. She wants to know Him and follow Him.


  1. Wow, can't believe Annette hit 15 years!! Sounds like she had a special day with her Mom and Dad. Love seeing the pictures too.

    Happy Birthday Annette!!! <3

  2. Happy 15th Birthday, Annette!!! Your birthday is very close to our Daughter M's birth date.

  3. Thank you. We have lots of birthdays in sept. Lupe, Annette, Caleb, my dad, my mom, a niece and nephew, oh and my cousin. Annette was born on her birthday.

    Happy birthday to M and your hubby.


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