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Saturday with Brent

Brent and I were the only ones home this Saturday for half the day. He played with his cousins, computer time for 30 minutes, played outside, and with his Legos. I used this quiet time to work on a Schoolhouse Review.
The weather was nice and cool, loved it!
Brent and I played a game, he won.
We enjoyed a cup of coffee together.
The first time it didn’t work out so great though. Brent forgot to but the coffee pot under the drip thing-y.
The rest of the crew came home and it was outside for the boys.
We need to pave the driveway but for know filling it up with dirt will have to do.
The kids brought fries home.
Brent cleaned the fridge before bed.
He looked so cute. He was doing the job so cheerfully. I could here him singing.

1 comment

  1. My kids always win at that game, too :)

    Thinking of you and hope that you are all feeling better.


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