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Schoolhouse Review: Clued in Kids

Are you looking for a fun way for you children to practice their multiplication tables 2-6? Do your children get excited hunting for clues, especially when there is a treasure to find? Mine do! I still remember the treasure hunts my children would go on with their Grandpa.

For $19.99 you receive 5 printable dragon themed hunts.

Recommended age for this set is 7-9 or older. I used this set with my 10, 11, 13, and 14 year old boys.
Clued in Kids Review
How Multiplication Dragons work: Each hunt takes less then 10 minutes to set up which makes Clued In Kids super easy for a busy homeschooling mom of 6 (like me!).

The Multiplication Dragon comes in pdf format. All you have to do is print, cut, and follow the easy instructions.

At the bottom of the clue page it will tell mom where to hide the page. You don’t even have to think about where to hide them how wonderful is that?
Some examples of where to hid the clue pages: in the bathtub, the sock drawer (or wherever you all put your socks!), under the couch, in the dishwasher, etc. Places that most of us have (and if you don’t have a dishwasher you simply omit that clue page and move on).
Clued in Kids 1
The first clue you give to your child and off they go, wild with excitement. And believe me they will be excited.

Mom, dad, or an older sibling keep the Answer Key to keep track of the answers and if the child needs help.

I also received Princess Treasure Hunt Clue Pad.  
Clued in Kids19
Recommended Age: 4 and up
Price: $8.99 for a physical product

The Princess Treasure Hunt Clue Pad is consumable. Like with the pdf format you hide each clue by simply tearing of each sheet of paper from the pad.

Clued in Kids would be great for birthday parties. Each one whether physical or in pdf format can be used with up to 10 kiddos! You can have a bowl of edible goodies or party favors for the children.

Each hunt can be used with up to 10-12 children. 

How We Used It
I used the Multiplication with 4 of my boys ages Lance 10, Ethan 11, Brent 12, and Caleb 14. I paired them up. Lance and Caleb worked together on their hunts and Ethan and Brent together. I thought this would be a good way to get the boys working as a team.

These hunts where more for the 10 and 11 year old boys to practice the multiplication facts. The older boys were in it for the fun.

We used these hunts on Fridays when our school load was not so heavy. True to their word it only took 8 minutes to set up (or less). One Friday I hid the clues before the kiddos woke up. Another Friday I had the boys wait outside while I hid the clues.
Clued in kids 18
The boys took turns with writing down the answers. You should have seen their smiling faces.

With the Princes Treasure Hunt I used with Annette and two little girls that I babysit over the weekend. They just loved it and had so much fun. Annette helped when needed and to direct the girls where the sock drawer was or which bed the clue was under.

The first treasure hunt for the boys I had some nice small Lego sets that I found on clearance as the treasure but after that I used less expensive things like a note for an extra chocolate chip cookie or they may skip a school subject.

With the girls I  had fun finding girly stuff (usually it’s pirates and swords around here).
Clued in Kids Treasure Hunts
  What we Thought of Clued in Kids
Clued in Kids is so fun, even for mom! I had a blast hiding the clues. It was so easy. Often times I want to do something like this for my kids but figuring out what clues to write always hindered me. I tried a few times but it was too much work because I am not creative at all.

With Clued in Kids I was able to do get those treasure hunts going. It was fun seeing my boys running around the house excited to find the next clue.
I will definitely be purchasing more Clued in Kids treasure hunts!

Although each hunt can be used with 10-12 kids, that would mean each child would only get to do one clue. My kids had so much fun with alternating, so for us, keeping it between 2-3 kids worked out perfect. It gave them more clues each.

Bottom Line
Clued in Kids is simple, easy to use, and fun.
More Fun With Clued in Kids
CHRITmas is coming up, Clued in Kids has a fun gift idea so be sure to read A Christmas to Treasure on their blog. These are great for stocking stuffers. I plan on purchasing a few for the girls that I babysit. I think they will love going on some hunts!

If you would like to try Clued in Kids you can, just sign up for their Newsletter and you’ll be sent a free treasure hunt.
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