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Schoolhouse Review: Fascinating Education

Fascinating Chemistry 5
Fascinating Education is written by Dr. Margulies. He is a neurologist and understands how the brain works. He understands how the brain works and how our brain retrieves information and learns.

. I had originally intended to have Caleb my 8th grade son help out with this review, but as I was looking over the course my eldest son Joshua a junior in high school sat down and started the course.

For this review I received from Fascinating Education: 1 year access to their Chemistry course (Fascinating Chemistry).

Recommended Age: This is a high school course but it can be used with 7th and 8th grade students.

Price: $79.00 for  1 year access

Fascinating Chemistry is a one year course which includes 18 lessons, tests for each lesson, and 12 chemistry labs. Each chemistry course assumes that your child knows nothing about chemistry, biology, and physics.

Fascinating Education has two other coursed: Fascinating Biology and Fascinating Physics. Of the three courses it is suggested your child start with their Fascinating Chemistry course.
Fascinating Chemistry 2
What caught my son’s eye was the visual aspect of the course. He was really excited to get started. Once he completed the first lesson he asked why hadn’t we used this science course before?

What makes this science course unique for Joshua, being able to see what was being talked about. I think reading is a good thing (and your child can print the scripted lesson) but seeing it has really helped my son.

The terminology is not overly science-y. Joshua didn’t feel boggled with having to figure out how to pronounce some of the words and understand them all. When he came across a word that he wasn’t sure of the meaning there is neat little feature called the glossary.  Fascinating Chemistry 9
All Joshua had to do was pause the video, hit the glossary tab, and read the definition. He was then able to continue with his lesson.

Another great feature, if Joshua had to stop in the middle of a lesson that was okay because when he logged back on to finish, he could continue where he left off.
Fascinating Chemistry 10
Set up is painless, and navigating the site is pretty simple. Once you log into your account you can immediately start watching the lessons. Your student can watch the lesson and if he/she likes can print the lesson. My son loved that he could print the lesson and go over it later without having to sit at the computer. He could also highlight and write notes.
Fascinating Chemistry 4
For lessons 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 11, there are labs. You simply print click on the tab and print.

Some lessons have more than one lab to complete. For instance with lesson 9 you have three: 1. Density, 2. Sugar in Soft drinks, 3. Viscosity.
Fascinating Chemistry 11
Once the child has completed the lesson he is ready to test his knowledge by taking the online test. The online test has your child answer the problems one at a time and grades it instantly upon completion.

If you would like to save the test, you will need to print it immediately once your child completes it. Fascinating Education does NOT keep track of the test results.
Fascinating Chemistry 3
If your child prefers to use pencil and paper when taking the test, you may print it. You will need to email Fascinating Education to receive a secondary password for the answer key. With Joshua he always used the online test.

As far as high school credit goes, Fascinating Chemistry does cover the content of what you would find in a high school chemistry course. For my son Josh, each lesson took about an hour and a half. Joshua does take notes so he is pausing the video.

On the websites Find Answers and Questions it says the course takes about 27 hours. This is without the labs.

With Joshua I am adding in some reading and having him write lab reports for each lab. His lab reports will include: title, introduction/purpose, list materials, method by describing the steps he took, data, results, discussion/analysis, and his conclusion.
Fascinating Chemistry Labs
How Joshua Used Fascinating Chemistry

Right now Joshua is taking a break from his regular homeschool program and is concentrating on 4 subjects. Science being one of them, so he has been completing three lessons per week labs and test included. Sometimes he will watch a lesson again if he didn’t understand it all the first time.

We are using Fascinating Chemistry as our main science and adding in some more reading and lab notes to add in the hours needed to give Josh a full credit.
Fascinating Chemistry Notes
With each lesson Joshua took notes in his composition book. He drew pictures as well to help him retain the information.

The online course was easy to navigate. We never had a problem with it.  
The lessons took about one hour to two hours depending if there were a lab for that day.

Having the course online was great for Josh because it was visually appealing, the audio really helped him retain the information, and having the ability to print each lesson to read and take with him, all made it a winning combination at our house! 

Fascinating Education what we thought

When my son sits down and starts a course on his own without me assigning it, that speaks volumes. Joshua really likes this course. He loves the animation of it. He is seeing the atoms and molecular bonds 3D style! It’s colorful and he’s not having to read a thick textbook.

I liked that my son is understanding chemistry. He mentioned that this course makes learning fun and more enjoyable. He prefers it over his regular science program.

The customer service was amazing. I had a few questions and Donna responded within 24 hours (usually less)  and was always happy to help.
Visit Fascinating Education’s website for samples.
Fascinating Education Review
Bottom Line
Joshua is really enjoying Fascinating Education’s chemistry course. My only concern is it may not be enough hours for an actual credit. I do believe that it covers what your child will need to learn about chemistry but hour-wise you will need to add more reading or combine it with another course.
With that said, if your child struggles with science terminology, reading, is more visual, or just loves science, you might want to give Fascinating Education a try!
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