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Schoolhouse Review: Fortuigence

Over the years Annette my 9th grade daughter’s writing has been improving but I’ve often wonder how she is ‘really’ doing in this subject. Other than me reading her writing I haven’t had a way to really evaluate her progress.

I often considered hiring someone to read and critique her writing but didn’t know where to look and I knew it would probably cost an arm and a leg. This has been on my mind for a while with finding someone to look over her writing.

So imagine my happiness when The Review Crew had the opportunity to review Fortuigence an online writing course with feedback from an experienced English teacher, over 10 years of experience.

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Price: $57.00
Recommended Age: 12-18 years

About Fortuigence: Essay Rockstar Expository Essay Writing Course

This course will teach your child how to write an expository essay in 5 steps: brainstorming, organizing, free writing, revision, and editing.

Your child’s first assignment; submitting a past writing sample as a pre-assessment. This will enable the instructor to set goals for the student.

The instructor will also give an introduction of the course, Lily (the instructor) will go over what an expository essay is, have the student read some samples, and explain a rubrics.

Each lesson explains exactly what the child needs to do to complete and turn in their assignment. There are samples of what is expected. For example in lesson 3 (organizing) there will be a link for the child to click and see how to make a mind map of supporting ideas as well as a formal outline. These are especially helpful for the visual learner.

Speaking of learner what is great about the lessons, your child can see by watching a video, hear the lesson by clicking on the audio, and/or read the lesson. I thought this was a neat feature because it reaches out to the different learning styles. With Annette she would watch the lesson and read it as well.

Once the assignment is completed and turned in your child will receive an email from the instructor with some feedback. The assignments are turned in through the classroom portal by attaching the pdf or Word document to upload and click submit. We did have to save it as a 'doc' not 'docx' otherwise it wouldn't attach. My husband had to help us the first time, after that it was pretty simple.

Your child is not allowed to go to the next lesson until the instructor gives the go ahead. Feedback for us took about 24 hours. With this being our first experience with a live teacher, Annette and I couldn’t wait for the feedback emails.
Fortuigence Review
(click to get your free printable)

How We Used It
Once Annette had access to her account she was eager to get started with her first assignment. She watched the video and decided what she wanted to write about. Then she created a mind map. This first one was brainstorming.
Essay 2
Annette decided to write about Jupiter. She then had to separate the main idea from the supporting details. The next mind map was Annette’s way of making an outline.
Essay 3
She really loved organizing her thoughts using the mind map method. There were other suggestions for brainstorming and organizing but Annette preferred the mind map because it was colorful, fun, and she could see it all in front of her. I think Annette is more of a visual learner so it really appealed to her.

Lily her instructor was very pleased with Annette’s elaborate mind map. She let Annette skip the linear outline because she thought Annette knew which supporting details she wanted to write and in which order. Annette was happy about that.

Now that Annette had everything in order she was excited to get started with lesson 4 (Free Writing). She worked on this a little everyday. I think it took here a week to submit it. Again, we both were anxious and waiting for her feedback.

By this time Annette had completed lessons 1-4 and was on her 3rd week with using Fortuigence.
Lesson 5 is the revision lesson where Ms. Lily teaches in detail about what a thesis statement is and what it is not, she has the student practice identifying a thesis statement, and how to write an introduction and conclusion to support your thesis statement. There is also a revision checklist and a sample of a revised expository essay for this lesson.

Annette, had all this in her essay when she turned in lesson 4 and was able to skip lesson 5. I did have her read through the lesson.

Lesson 6, Annette was taught: Sentence Smoothness, Word Choice, and Correct, accurate copy. Again, the lesson is taught in detail, gives examples, and provides a checklist for the child to print and keep handy.

Annette took another 5 days to complete her assignment for lesson 6.
Fortuigence Writing
Her instructor had her go back and find her grammar mistakes so at the time of writing this review Annette is still completing lesson 6. She has been diagramming almost each sentence, rereading to make sure her essay flows, and so forth. She has been working on this for over 5 days. Lesson 6 is taking quite some time but it’s a good thing. She is really taking the course to heart.

Our Thoughts
Annette really enjoyed using Fortuigence. She mentioned having a live teacher put pressure on her to get her essay turned in, in a timely manner and made sure she went through all the steps of revision and as Ms. Lilly taught an accurate and correct essay. When she used the word pressure, Annette didn’t mean that in a negative way. In Annette’s own words, “It’s a good pressure.”

I was very pleased with this course. It was great having someone else be the teacher with this subject. I would definitely recommend Fortuigence to friends and family.

Annette would like to take one Fortuigence course each summer.

Please visit Fortuigence to see a complete and detailed outline of the course. To learn more about the course and ‘meet’ Lily and learn more about the course HERE.
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  1. Thanks very much for your wonderful review Linda, and if Annette needs extra help with her final editing, please have her email me!

    Lily :)

  2. Thank you! Annette is almost done and truly enjoyed the course.


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