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Schoolhouse Review: New Liberty Videos

New Liberty Videos Review
New Liberty Videos has a neat video (that I highly recommend everyone see): Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls. This was something that my son Josh was interested in.

Recommended Age: General audience, this film is suited for any age but a child age 11 and under probably won’t want to sit through it.  Lance my 10 year old was not interested but the rest of my children ages 11, 12, 14, 15, and 16 did watch it.
Price: $19.95

This film consist of three ‘chapters’: Dead Sea Scrolls, Hebrew Word Pictures, and The Forbidden Book.

These are more of live lectures at an exhibit that was filmed and runs about 60 minutes.

Dead Sea Scrolls
Dead Sea Scrolls 1
The first of the three part video you will learn how the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, the history, and geography of that area. 

Joel covers a lot of information in about 20 minutes. It’s amazing how a young boy looking for a lost goat, happened upon the cave where the scrolls were hidden. How they were passed from one person to another with some of them not realizing what they had!
Dead Sea Scrolls 11
Other than knowing that the young boy found the Dead Sea Scrolls, I didn’t know much else, so this was very educational for me. I enjoyed learning how the pieces of the scrolls are painstakingly being reconstructed.

Joel gave us the analogy of buying 3 different types of potato chips. Crushing them into pieces, tossing all three different types of potato chips together, and then piecing the potato chips back together, wow!

You will also learn the tragic end of Masada in 73 A.D. Joel takes you through a fascinating history lesson. And the picture above with the title, that was a cave of scrolls at one time. There were actually planks of wood that fit into wedges, on them were jars or pottery with scrolls in them, some of them probably marked. Unfortunately they were destroyed when soldiers were ordered to destroy them. They went in there swinging their swords, how sad, so much lost.

Hebrew Word Pictures
Dead Sea Scrolls 2
This chapter of the Dead Sea Scrolls was by far my favorite. Dr. Frank T. Seekins teaches you how to read Ancient Hebrew. Our alphabet comes from Ancient Hebrew. There are two ways to write a language, with sound or pictures, Ancient Hebrew uses both. It’s the only language that uses both.

Ancient Hebrew is a relationship based language and in this presentation you will learn about how God really intended the relationships between mother and child,  husband and wife, and man and God. Biblical relationships, how our people need to turn back to the way God intended relationships to be, imagine how blessed this country would be. As Dr. Frank put it, “by seeing the family, marriage, and cultures transformed.”
Dead Sea Scrolls 11
Did you know that the word helper as pertained to a husband and wife does not mean servant, slave, or subordinate? In Hebrew it means, ally, it comes from the root that means to surround and protect God made Eve to be Adams perfect ally, God made me to be Lupe’s perfect ally. We are each others allies. I am his helper his ally.

Dr. Frank Seekins wraps up the lecture pointing to our relationship with God. He weaves the whole lecture going from the different relationships together so perfectly.

The Forbidden Book
Dead Sea Scrolls 3
In this segment Dr. Graig Lampe takes you through history and teaches how brave men who obeyed God brought the Scriptures to the world. As he takes you on a tour of ancient times you will learn how the Bible was translated.
It’s amazing how how the Bible is once again becoming the forbidden book.
After watching this segment I would hope that one would be very thankful for all those who died so we could have God’s Word.
Dead Sea Scrolls 12
All the presentations in the Dead Sea Scroll come together. You learn the history of how they were found, the location, what was going on at that time, and the reason as to why the scrolls were never retrieved.

Then you learn how to read Ancient Hebrew word pictures, how far we’ve come from what the words actually mean, how we need to go back to the Ancient Hebrew, and lastly how it through the ages the Bible was translated. It’s all very fascinating and I’m so glad to have been one of the reviewers for New Liberty Videos.

How We Used It
I had 5 of my 6 children watch the video. I think the three oldest got the most out of it. They enjoyed it and have watched it several times since.
More than a few times since we watched the video the kids and I have had some great  discussions. Sometimes we would be talking about politics, family, marriage, etc. and it would bring us back to what we watched on the DVD of The Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

My Thoughts
As I mentioned in my review, I think every family should own this video. I plan to lend it out to some of my family and friends.

My husband did comment that he noticed the audience in the video where of older people (our age and up Smile). The kids and I didn’t observe that. I mean we saw them but didn’t realize there were not many young people. All the more I say for our young teens to watch. They need to know this stuff.
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