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Atkins 23 Months Along

I haven’t blogged about how I’m doing on my Atkins way of lifestyle in a while. It’s been almost two years. I still live 95% low carb. This past July I stopped eating low carb frankien foods and went back to eating clean. For three months (July, Aug., Sept.) I didn’t eat one piece of bread, I was super strict. Not one thing that was processed (even my beloved Atkins bars were out) entered my mouth. Wahoo. You know what, I felt the difference. I slept better, I didn’t even crave low-carb sweets like muffins and cakes.

October I did eat a cheesy bread from Lobster Trap and I splurged on my birthday   I ate two little buddy burger things from Chili's. I actually couldn’t eat all the bread because it just didn’t seem right so I took one piece off of each. These splurges were only for that one meal. My next meal was Atkins.

From July to now I’ve been only eating about 30 carbs or less. Except for the two times I splurged.

What about my Cholesterol? A strange thing has happened. My cholesterol is good and bad but mostly good.

Here are my cholesterol results before I started Atkins, Dec. of 2012.
Look at my Triglyceride level. Super high. That is an indicator of major inflammation. They should be under 150 but even better would be under 100.

 MY HDL is way too low. Look at my Ratios! My total cholesterol ratio is over 6! The lower the better. Under a 3 is what I should be aiming for. And look at the Triglycerides/HDL ration, way too high. I now know that this ration is important to know. Keep it low.

My doctor wanted me on Statins but I wanted to lower my cholesterol naturally. As you all know, I started Atkins in January. I went cold turkey. Stopped eating grains, sugar, and most processed foods.

At this time I didn’t know that Statin drugs actually stops your body from producing cholesterol. I didn’t know that women should not be on Statin drugs at all. All I knew was I didn’t want to go down the pill popping path.
March 2nd of 2013 I went for another cholesterol check-up.

At this point I was still stuck on numbers. I didn’t really know that the two most important numbers were HDL and Triglyceride. I didn’t know anything about ratios and why they were important. I didn’t know that women especially should not have too low cholesterol.
Wow, look at the triglyceride levels. Way down. I even got an “Near Optimal” with my LDL. Wahoo for me, but at that time I didn’t know that LDL and total cholesterol levels don’t mean much. It’s your HDL, Triglyceride and total cholesterol ratios that are the numbers you want to pay attention to. I strongly believe that my cholesterol before Atkins was small and dense. The deadly kind, type B. 

From my numbers here, I believe I was on my way to healing my gut, getting the inflammation down which is getting to the root of the problem, and my cholesterol was becoming the fluffy kind. The good big ones, type A.

So now, I’m so proud of myself. My numbers look good. I continue on Atkins but in March a friend introduced me to Trim Healthy Mama so I threw that in the mix. I read the book, ranted and raved how good it was but something just didn’t feel right to me. After all I’ve learned about grains I decided to not add any of the low-carb frankien foods. When eating an E meal I had an apple or some type of healthy food.

Then at the end of April I wanted to eat really clean so with some Atkins friends about 10 of us, we decided to complete a Whole30 Atkins style. We called it Atkins at its Prime. Meaning we were still watching our carbs but eating super clean for 30 days via the Whole30 rules.

I continued reading, reading, reading, about low-carb, fats, grains, etc.
I don’t have my next few appt. cholesterol reading but about July 12, 2013 I had another appointment. This time my doctor had us take a fasting blood test that gave us all kind of information. One which was our genetic marker but at the time I didn’t know much about that.

This test did show that I had Type A cholesterol (pattern A) which is good. My reading came out normal.

My weight was about where I wanted it, so I convinced myself that it was okay to start adding in those low-carb franken foods like Joseph Pita Bread.

 I completed a few Trim Healthy Mama fuel cycles. I still felt that these foods were not good for my body but hey, I was having fun with this whole THM thing.

After the Whole30 I noticed when I ate some of the wheat foods my belly hurt.
December 7th of 2013 I had my cholesterol checked again. Yup, I was having too much fun with the franken foods. My ratio number went back up a little.

 My Triglycerides went back up. My HDL stayed about the same.

Through Thanksgiving and CHRISTmas I did eat low-carb. I made cauliflower mash, made my own low-carb bread for stuffing, etc.

I still kept having that knudging feeling that I should not be eating certain foods. Since August 2013 I would splurge for one meal a week (or every other week) when we would go out on Sunday to Wendy’s. I always ordered a hamburger but would only eat 1  bun. By this time I had stopped with my Trim Healthy Mama way of Atkins eating. I knew it wasn’t for me. I still liked some of the Atkins friendly low carb recipes from Trim Healthy Mama but I was no longer food combining. Atkins all the way for this mama.

Another cholesterol appointment June 21, 2014.
Yay, my ratio and Triglyceride levels look better. But my cholesterol and LDL were not so hot. They were lower but that didn’t impress my doctor.

My sister was getting married in July but I decided I’d continue eating low-carb throughout our two week vacation to California. I was on phase 4 of Atkins and eating between 50-70 carbs at this time.

Well, I did good but there were about 4 meals that I didn’t stay on plan BUT when I got home I went back to full time Atkins.

I really pulled back and stopped splurging once a week with eating one hamburger bun. I stopped eating my Atkins bars even. And at this time I picked up the book Keto Clarity.

After reading Keto Clarity I decided to stay at 30 net carbs a day and sometimes just 20 carbs. I was living a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet and loving it. I stopped craving low carb goodies, I slept better at night, and I really enjoyed my food. I still consumed my 15 veggie carbs but will admit toward the end of the month my veggies would be almost gone and I was eating more like 10 veggie carbs. I did eat a lot of spinach and avocados.
So I went back for another cholesterol appointment but this time I know more about what cholesterol really  is. I read Cholesterol Clarity, The Great Cholesterol Myth, and The Great Cholesterol Con. I knew what numbers to look at and why they were important.

Let’s just say I was enjoying my saturated fats. Loving the palm oil, coconut oil, and I added cacao butter to my morning cup of java (bulletproof coffee).
Hubby and I went to get our blood drawn and a few days later my cholesterol results came back.
When I first saw the results I was like, uh-oh, my doctor is not going to like my LDL and total Cholesterol numbers. But I did know form all that I had researched that my Triglyceride, HDL, my cholesterol/HDL ratio and my Tri./HDL ratios where awesome. Okay, maybe not awesome because I can still hone those numbers in but they were very good. The numbers are showing that most likely my LDL particles are the good fluffy type A.

I was a happy mama! But I still had to go to the follow-up appointment and my doctor was going to pay most of his attention on the two numbers that I no longer think are as important as the Triglyceride and HDL. I also don’t believe that a lower cholesterol number is a good thing for a women.

I knew that eating all the saturated fat is a good thing. I was not eating what the average American eats: grains, dyes, corn syrups, sugar, processed food, etc. I was eating meat, good fats, greens, butter, etc. The good stuff for two and a half months.

So my doctor wasn’t happy. I did give him some literature about why I believe Statins aren’t good for women. I still don’t think I need them. I also asked for another test to see if my cholesterol is the fluffy kind. Maybe that will be my next step. From the numbers of my last appointment I feel they are the good kind.

December is my next appointment. I’ll continue my Atkins way of clean eating. Meaning no grains and legumes even though it is allowed in Phase 4. I will continue to tweak my diet as needed. With that said, have you heard of the egg fast? If not you’ll be reading a little bit about it here (smile).

So, this is where I’m at.
P.S. With my Atkins lifestyle, I do tweak it to fit me. For instance I drink a bulletproof coffee for breakfast instead of having food. For the next week I plan to make eggs my main source of protein, it’s not a forever thing but if it works out I think I’ll make it a regular 1 time a month thing.

Like with curriculum I enjoy changing things up. I believe the more we learn things sometimes change. My eating lifestyle changes too but I always stick to low-carb, lots of good fats, and stay away from the Standard American Diet (SAD).

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  1. You continue to inspire and encourage me. My husband is jumping on board with me, too!


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