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Egg Fast Week 2

I completed my second week of the Egg Fast. This week I didn’t write all that I ate on my blog because there are only so many ways to eat eggs. It’s the same as my Week 1. I do write it all in my composition book that I use as a food journal.

I’m still not losing but maintaining the few pounds I lost last week. I still plan to continue with the Egg Fast through November.
Egg Fast Weel 2
What I did this week, Monday-Wednesday I ate cheese with my eggs (mostly cream cheese). I made the pancakes which consist of eggs and cream cheese or had the cream cheese muffins.

I thought I’d cut back on the Stevia by only adding 1 tablespoon of the Cinnamon Butter to my pancakes. On the Egg Fast you must have 1:1 ratios of eggs and fat (1 egg + 1 fat), so if I had 3 eggs in my pancakes I’ll add 1T Cinnabutter and 2T butter.

Thursday and Friday I cut out all cheese and only had one packet of Stevia to see if that would get the weight loss going. I’m not a big fan of scrambled eggs. The only way I like scrambled eggs is with cottage cheese or if I can add some greens or eat them with some type of meat.

I do however enjoy deviled eggs or hard boiled eggs with homemade mayo. This is how I ate my eggs for the two days. I’m sure 2 days wasn’t enough but by Saturday I was ready to eat something other than hard boiled eggs (wink-wink).
Saturday I ate eggs for breakfast via a coffee and lunch. Then enjoyed salmon and veggies for supper.

Sunday I ate eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but I did splurge and had a sugar free mocha made with cream instead of milk. Starbucks was having their buy 1 get 1 free between 2-5 P.M. It’s a treat to take all the children out so I went with it and enjoyed a cup of coffee with the family.

In total for week 2 I enjoyed 64 eggs. Surprisingly it was the exact same amount as last week.

Week 3 here I come! I plan to try the Oopsie Rolls this week.

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