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Egg Fast

Have you ever heard of an egg fast? I had never heard of an egg fast until I stumbled upon I Breath . . . I’m Hungry and Ketogenic Women (actually I’ve visited Keto Women but didn’t know she tried the egg fast). I thought, hmmmm, this sounds interesting. You know me, I like to try new things. I love eggs, it’lll be a cheaper way for me to eat for five days.

All I need is eggs, butter/ghee, cream cheese, and other good fats like coconut oil, palm oil, cacao butter. No heavy whipping cream during the egg fast (next five days), I can handle that. I have cut back a lot on the HWC anyway since I’ve been having a Bulletproof Coffee every morning for the last three months.

My weigher is wonky, sometimes I weigh one thing but step on it again and weigh another. Lately since July I’ve been weighing between 140-142. Once in a while I’ll be at 138-139. But again, the 40’s has been my ‘lucky’ number (wink).
Egg Fast Week 1
Of course I’m tweaking the rules (which you can find following links above) instead of eating an egg for breakfast I’m having a bulletproof coffee. Updated on Day 2: I’m adding egg yolks to my coffee to get those morning eggs in.

I don’t count carbs in eggs.

Day 1
Monday:  139.8
Breakfast: Bulletproof coffee-2 Tble butter and coconut oil, 1 tbl cacao butter, 1 stevia packet, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.
Snack: hard boiled egg
Snack: 1 slice of cheese and an egg
Dinner: 2 deviled eggs and 2 Snickerdoodle crepes
Snickerdoodle Crepes
Total Eggs: 8
Butter: 7 Tbls
Coconut Oil: 2 Tbls
Cacao Butter: 1Tbl
Cheese: 1 oz
Carbs: 5
Calories: 1,888

Day 2-Tuesday
Breakfast 8:00: Bulletproof Coffee, 1tsp Ceylon Cinnamon, 2 tbls Kerrygold Butter, 2 tbls coconut oil, 1 tbl cacao butter.
Lunch: A batch of Snickerdoodle Crepes
Snack: Bulletproof Coffee-2 egg yolks, 1 tbl butter, 1 tbl coconut oil, 1 tsp ceylon cinnamon, 1 packet Sweet Leaf Stevia
Dinner: Salted Caramel Custard, 2 boiled eggs

Eggs: 9
Butter: 7 tbl
Coconut Oil: 3tbl
Cacao Butter: 1 tbl
Cheese: 0
Cream Cheese: 3 oz
Carbs: 5
Calories: 1,637

I had too much fat. Tomorrow I’m going to add only add 1 tbl of each fat, coconut oil and butter.

Today I didn’t feel hungry at all. In fact at dinner time I wasn’t really hungry but I’m not suppose to go five hours without eating. The rules are to eat every 3 hours but don’t go without eating for five.
I’m amazed that I don’t get hungry. 9 eggs doesn’t sound like a lot but with all the good fats it’s so filling.

My snicker doodle crepes fell apart while cooking, hehe. I have since figured out how to keep them round which is don’t turn them over too soon.
Egg Fast Day 2
Day 3/Wednesday 138.6
Breakfast 7:30: Coffee-1tbl each, coconut oil and butter, 2 egg yolks, stevia
Snack: Salted Caramel Custard
Dinner: Swiss water decaf Bulletproof Coffee with 2 egg yolks, 1tbl each of coconut oil and kerrygold butter, 1tsp cinnamon.

Today I thought I’d eat less ‘sugar’ so I made the Buffalo Omelet and it was so good! I didn’t plan to have a BPC for supper at all. I was going to have some Snicker Doodle Crepes. I even had all the ingredients mixed from the day before. All I had to do was cook them up. With that said, I ended up babysitting a 10 month, 17 month, 5yr., 6yr, 8yr., 11yr, along with my 6 which made for a hectic evening, plus I had to get some of them ready for AWANA.

Needless to say I didn’t have time to fix up my crepes. I ended up throwing my ingredients into the Magic Bullet and taking that with me. I would have waited until after AWANA and made them but it would be too late. I am not suppose to eat three hours before bed. It worked out but I felt that I didn’t finish my day strong! Oh well, some days are like that.
Egg Fast Day 3 Totals
Day4/Thursday 137.4
Breakfast 7:30: Bulletproof Coffee made the same as Wednesday
Lunch 12:00: Buffalo Omelet.
Snack 3:00: 2 Cream Cheese Muffins and a coffee with 2 eggs, 1tbl coconut oil, 1tbl butter, stevia
Dinner 7:30: 4 Snickerdoodle Pancakes with cinnamon butter
Egg Fast Day 4
Day 4 went well. Having so many ways to prepare my eggs has really helped. So far I am really enjoying the Buffalo Omelett, Snicker Doodle Pancakes, and the Cream Cheese Muffins.

Eggs: 12
Butter: 10 tbl
Coconut Oil: 1tbl
Mayo: 1
Cream Cheese: 6.5 oz
Cheese: 0
Carbs: 7.4
Calories: 2,101
Day 5/Friday 136.4

Breakfast 7:30: Egg Fast Coffee-2 eggs, 1 tbl coconut oil and butter, 1 tsp cinnamon
Lunch 12:00: Buffalo Omelette
Snack 3:00: 2 Cream Cheese Muffins
Dinner 6:30: 4 Snicker Doodle pancakes with 1 tbl cinnamon butter and 2 tablespoons butter

Day 6/Saturday
I had planned to take Saturday off from the Egg Fast or do a half day. I did eat eggs for breakfast and lunch. My snack was a low carb coffee. A sugar free latte made with heavy cream. For supper my hubby took me out and we ate at a Mediterranean restaurant. I ate a leg of lamb for the first time and loaded up on the veggies.
Egg Fast Day 6
Sad to say I gained a pound the next morning.

Day 7/Sunday 137.4
Breakfast: Coffee with 2 eggs, 1 T. butter and coconut oil and stevia
Lunch 4 deviled eggs and an ounce of cheese
Dinner: Coffee (same as above) with pancakes
Eggs: 10.5
Butter: 5 Tbl
Cheese: 1oz
Cream Cheese: 2oz
Coconut Oil: 2 Tbl
Mayo: 4
Calories: 1,594
Carbs: 4

Wow, I did it for a week. I didn’t lose much but that’s okay. I’m just happy to be under 140 again and all week too!

So how many eggs did I have this week? 64 eggs, 44 tablespoons butter, 4 8oz packs of cream cheese, and around 17-20 tablespoons of mayo.

Throughout the week I didn’t feel tired and I certainly didn’t feel deprived of food. I was never hungry.

I'm a Trim Healthy Mama when not on the Egg Fast =)

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  1. I've had whole eggs in my bulletproof coffee but never just yolks. When you do just yolks, what do you do with the whites? Also, which do you prefer? Whole egg or yolks?


    1. Hi, Caren, I save them for other recipes. I prefer the egg yolks because "for me" my coffee becomes closer to lukewarm when I use the whole egg. Sometimes I like to put two eggs, if using two whole eggs, again, my coffee is not as hot.

      Thanks for "stopping" by my blog =)