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Little of This and That

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Its been chilly around here, yay! I love it but it does make it hard to get out of bed.
Weather 11.13.14
It’s been crazy-busy here. I had quite a few reviews due in the past weeks and now it’s all over. The 2014 Crew year has come to an end. Guess what comes at the end of the Schoolhouse Review Crew year, the Blue Ribbon Award.
Blue Ribbon Award
This Blue Ribbon Awards won’t be posted until Monday.
I haven’t been taking too many pictures of our school days.
The two younger boys have been consistently using All About Reading and All About Spelling. These pictures are from last week.
All About Reading
All About Reading Level 3, Ethan completed lesson 24. I try to fit in at least three lessons a week. My goal is four though.
All About Spelling
With All About Spelling Level 3  Ethan is working through lesson 13. Step 13- The 1-1-1 Rule. He is still working through this lesson. The rule is a bit confusing for him.
Ethan has 31 lessons left of English Lessons Through Literature. I’m really excited about this. He is on lesson 74 and learning about prepositions.
This week I have him writing down the parts of speech, their definition, and words. For example with Verbs he wrote the definition, under that he wrote all the linking verbs, than all the state of being verbs, and all the helping verbs.
He doesn’t always remember the definition and such so I thought if he had all the parts of speech in one area he can refer to them there. Makes it easier than having to find his workbook pages.
Teaching Textbook 4
Ethan has been working his way through Teaching Textbook 4. I really would like him to start level 5 in the next couple of months. Most days he’s been completing 2 lessons a week.
Ethan 11.13.14.pngQuiz
Lance has completed up to lesson 20 in All About Reading 1. Hopefully by Jan. I can restart him in level 2.
All About Reading
Lance likes to put his sticker on the chart.
All About Reading
Lance started All About Spelling Lesson Step 14 – Final Blends.
All About Spelling 
We will probably take three days to complete this lesson. Today he spelled the words using the tiles. Tomorrow he’ll spell the words in his composition books, next I’ll have him spell from the More Words and some phrases.
Lance is working his way through English Through Literature Level 2! Today he completed lesson 10 about action verbs. This week he is completing his ELTL copywork in cursive. It will give him some more practice.
I don’t have Lance’s Teaching Textbook program on this computer so I’m not sure what lesson he is on. I’ll have to report back on that. I am having him do two lessons a day like Ethan. I do know that Lance is on the 2nd disc.
And that is where we are right now.

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