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Operation Shoebox

The kids and I had a lot of fun putting our Samaritan Purse shoeboxes together. I wish I would have taken more pictures.

I took a few pics once we were all done I’m sad to say.
Operation Shoebox
Lupe took us all to Target and we found so many goodies like crayons, markers, pencils, little pads of paper, fun little toys, hats, socks, washcloths, etc.

We were originally going to do 3 boxes but somehow another box made it into our home. I wanted 1 box for a little girl but none of the younger boys wanted to make one for a girl. They were having to much fun shopping for boys their age. Lance said he knows what a 10 year old boy would want because he’s 10.

When we were home I found a shoebox to put the little girl box together. It was fun shopping for a girly things.
We ended up with:
1 for a teenage boy
1 for a teenage girl
1 boy box 5-9
1 boy box 10-14 
1 5-9 box for a girl

Lance did a box for a 10 year old but it’s actually for ages 10-14 which I think is a big age gap. There should be another for just teens like 13-14.

Josh and Annette did teenage boxes but theirs can also go to a 10 year old.
Along with the box we needed to enclose $7.00 for shipping so we did this online. By paying online you can also track your box. The kids are looking forward to seeing where their box will end up!

Have you packed your shoeboxes?

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  1. A wonderful ministry, but also a special family memory maker. We have enjoyed packing boxes for a few years now, too.