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School Days

Our school days are winding down here at homeschooling6. The 4 older children are mostly doing Heart of Dakota on their own. The 2 younger are on a HOD break (wink).

I’m only teaching reading, spelling, and English to the 4 younger kiddos (Caleb, Brent, Ethan, and Lance).

I’m adding in some puzzles and dot to dots for the 2 younger boys because they have too much time on their hands and it works their brains.
I found the Word Games for a buck at Half Price!
When correcting Rod and Staff English I sometimes have the boys be the teacher. usually when it’s diagramming.
The boys like to make stick figures.
Rod and Staff English
Brent’s workspace and yes they are allowed some coffee in the morning. I usually make it half decaffeinated and half regular coffee.

I love his English composition book, haha.
It says spelling but it’s now English.

Brent teaching.
By having them teach the lesson takes 20 minutes longer but the benefits outweigh that. They love it and I believe it really reinforces the lesson.
Rod and Staff English
All About Spelling lesson with Caleb and Brent
All About Reading
Yesterday’s lesson was about collective nouns . . .
All About Reading
The boys just have so much fun with the activities. They are older so we don’t do them all but when they do complete one there are lots of laughs to go along with it.
All About Reading
And italics.
All About Reading
The boys do the rest of their school on their own. Heart of Dakota, math, and finish English. We haven’t been keeping up with Writing and Rhetoric. I was hoping to get through a few more books with them but their schedule is already pretty full. With the writing they get from Rod and Staff and narrations from Heart of Dakota for now that is all they are doing.

I still hope to get them started with Cover Story in January. That is up-in-the air still. I need to save up for it.

Here is Ethan completing one of the puzzles that I assigned.
We haven’t been doing Heart of Dakota Creation to Christ for a month now. I have been having him read from Christian Liberty Nature Reader and writing a 2-5 sentence narration. He also completes All About Spelling/Reading, copywork from his English lessons: English Lessons Through Literature, and math.

Lance completing a crossword puzzle.


  1. Great idea to have the children teach the lessons.

  2. This is a great post, thanks for sharing! If I may ask, are you still doing CtC, or just taking a break? We are new to HOD, so your blog is very helpful.

  3. Hi, Jackie, yes, we are taking a break. I plan to continue with it in Jan.

    Thanks for stopping by ;)


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