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Schoolhouse Review: Christmas Book

Every Christmas I like to add a new book to our collection. This year one came to me via the Schoolhouse Review Crew. If He Had Not Come is now part of our official Christmas reading.

This is a wonderful book that is back in print after 55 years thanks to David Nicholson!

What I Received: Physical hardback book
If He Had Not Come
Price: $18.95 or Pdf Format $3.99
Recommended Age: 6 and up

The Story Behind the Book: The classic Christmas story was written by Nan F. Weeks. David Nicholson was captivated by the story when he first heard it in the adult Sunday School class. He told the story to his own children and since it has become a tradition for the past 30 years. Now Mr. Nicholson has reintroduced the book for a new generation to enjoy.

About the Story: Bobby and his father are having their nightly Bible reading. The verse John 15:22 which starts with the words “If I had not come . . . “ Those words stayed with Bobby as he went to bed that night, the night before Christmas. He drifted off to sleep whispering the words.

The next morning he was super excited, after all it was Christmas. He was wondering about the Christmas presents and what he might receive! Instead he found no tree, no gifts, and it was strangely quiet.

The world outside seems to be going on as usual, so he runs outside to find out what might have happened. He finds a world that has never known Jesus. You will have to purchase the book to read exactly what Bobby found out.

About the Book: This is a hardback book. The illustrations by Charles Jaskiewicz are charming. The word Woolworth comes up in the book so it gives you an idea of the era.

After reading the story you can turn to the back for suggestions on how to dig deeper. The first set of questions are interactive. They are open-ended therefore there is not a “right” answer. The questions are to encourage interaction and discussion.

The second set of questions are to dig deeper. As a family (or class) you are encouraged to explore and find out what the Bible says about the birth of Jesus. For example According to the Bible, why did Jesus come to Earth? There are Bible verses to back up each answer.

What I really loved, there is a whole page devoted to The Gospel Message using the A-B-C’s. A- Admit, B-Believe, C-Confess. Each letter/word is followed by a paragraph explaining what it is to admit, believe, and confess, followed by scripture. With the most important question asked at the end, “Are you interested in receiving God’s gift of salvation?”

And lastly there is an activity you can do to help celebrate Christmas.
If He Had Not Come 1
How We Used It: When my book arrived I was excited to read If He Had Not Come. Before reading it to the children I read it myself. Once done I couldn’t wait to read this book to the kids.

A few days later I gathered them all in the living room. And probably because I was snuggled with the kids I was a bit more emotional. I get like that way when reading a book that really speaks to me and just touches my heart. A book that I really want my kids to take to heart. When I came to the words if He had not come for the first time my voice quivered and I got goose bumps. Just thinking about the reality of it. If Jesus had not come.

When we finished I asked them, can you imagine if Jesus didn’t come, what the world would be like? I had them name organizations, universities, etc. I was excited to see that question was in the book because many times we get so busy we forget. Did you know today’s calendar year would be different as it is based on the birth of Jesus?

Our Thoughts: We really enjoyed If He Had Not Come and look forward to reading it every Christmas. In fact this year my husband will be reading it to his AWANA class.

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