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Schoolhouse Review: Purposeful Design

Purposeful Design Review
Here at Homeschooling6 I’m always on the hunt for good books to read and share with my children. This year half my kids are learning about Creation.
Being one of the reviewers for Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation by Jay Schabacker fit right in with our homeschooling.
What I received:
Physical Hardback book from
Purposeful Design
Purposeful Design Review
Recommended Age:
Can be used with all ages.

Price: $18.95
Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation is a full color beautiful hardback book that is coffee table worthy.
The 96 page book has 7 chapters. 1 chapter for each day of creation.  
Each chapter starts with a verse introducing the day God created. For example Chapter 3: The Third Day-Creation of the Dry Land and Vegetation has the verses Genesis 1:9-13.
The chapter expands on the days creation. In chapter 3 your child(ren) will learn the importance of vegetation and plants are to humans and ways plants are useful to us.
Each day that is discussed really communicates to the reader how our Purposeful Designer put so much care, detail, and purpose when He created the earth and everything in it, especially us.
For instance in chapter 5: The Fifth Day Creation of the Birds and Fish, your child will learn why ice floats. I never really thought about that before. In the book your child will learn the science behind it and see how awesome our God is. Imagine if it didn’t float! The fish would freeze and die.
Also in chapter 5 you will see that God has a sense of humor when He created some of the sea creatures. One looks as if it has eyes, a nose, hair, and is smiling.
Purposeful Design
In chapter 6: Creation Day Six Creation of Land Creatures and Humans. The chapter starts with Genesis 1:24-31. Your family will learn and touch on:
~God Made Domestic Animals for Us
~The Amazing Camel
~Cattle and Cows
~Amazing Uniqueness of the Human Being
~God’s Design of our Remarkable Body
~A Purpose for Everything Including the Appendix
~Blood Clotting
~Mother’s Milk
~The Cell-Not a Bit of Slime
~The Perfect Design of the Human Head
~The Brain & Skull
Chapter 6
And that’s just a sampling of what you will read in Chapter 6! This chapter was my favorite. It is one of the longer chapters. We broke this one up and read it over a few days.
As you can see the author Jay Schabacker put a lot of detail in the book. He emphasizes how God designed everything so perfect and how He truly cares for us.
I love the title: Purposeful Designer, notice that the author doesn’t use the term “Intelligent Design”. This is because Jay wants to emphasize the personal aspect of the way God created everything in the universe for us.
To flesh out the book even more you can download the Young Explorer’s Guide, it’s absolutely free. This is a great way to stretch their mind and see if they are really comprehending the information in Purposeful Design. I printed the pages we would use of the Young Explorer's Guide. As much as I would have loved for my children to use pen and paper I ended up using the guide orally. 
How We Used:
I read one chapter a day to my children. There were a few chapters that we spread out to last a two or three days (like chapter 6). 
Chapter 4: The Fourth Day Creation of the Sun, Moon, and Stars is another meaty chapter. The chapter talks about the season. It doesn’t just mention the 4 seasons by name. The book goes deeper than that by educating the child with how perfectly God designed the season by setting the 23 and 1/2 degrees tilt of the earth’s spin axis.
The older children grasped all that pretty easy but the younger two I had to stop and explain or demonstrate and that would be it for that reading period. The next day I continued reading about the moon. The next days reading (still in chapter 4) was about the moon’s gravitational pull, so again we stopped and discussed so the two younger kiddos had a better handle of the information.
This chapter for us took a week to get through.
This is a great book that can be used even with  Pre-k or kindergarten age. They would love the pictures and mom can go through the book and talk about how our Purposeful Designer created the universe. It would be a great supplement to any Bible or science program.
For the older students there is a wealth of information. Purposeful Design could be used as a springboard for a field trip to a museum, make a lapbook, draw a picture after the reading, or pick one of the chapter to right a summary and of course download the Young Explorer’s Guide.
This is a wonderful book to add to your homeschool library.
Purposeful Design Homeschooling Approved
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