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An Eye Infection (not good)

One of our little piggies has an eye infection, poor thing. The kids noticed it the week of the 8th. We kept a careful eye (haha) on it and yup, it was getting worse.

Annette made an appointment but then we found out that particular veterinarian didn’t take rodents. Lupe found another that did say they took guinea pigs but when I called to make an appointment they too said they no longer have a doctor for small animals.

We finally found one to see Eddy and took her on the 19th.
The owner of little miss Eddy, yes Eddy is a girl.
Eddy’s concerned grandma (haha).
Okay, my picture was taken at home but I was there.
The family waiting to hear if Eddy is going to make it.
Eddy’s transportation box.
Our little lady somehow poked her eye. It could be from the Timothy Hay or something in her cage. We use felt for their bedding so I’m wondering if she stuck herself with the hay or her nails.

She has a follow-up appointment the Monday after CHRISTmas.
In the mean time she’s on 4 different medications. WOW!
The vials she takes by mouth.
And $168 later Eddy is on the road to recovery (thank you Jesus!).

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  1. Aww...I'm glad that you were able to find a vet to help. Praying the medications work quickly.


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