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Date With My Hubby

I love, love, love, my dates with Lupe. We have such a good time. We’ve even gone on a few double dates with some couples from church. Lots of fun!

Last Saturday I suggested we find some hole-in-the wall coffee places to go. We usually go to Starbucks because we know the coffee and it’s familiar with us. Usually the coffee shop by our house is closed by the time we are done with dinner and errands.
We found one called 14 something. I can’t remember the name but it was warm and cozy.
Lupe researching bricks. We need bricks for the apartment.
My coffee was served in a real mug. The coffee house only had one sugar free syrup flavor so I went with brewed coffee and added Splenda and Half & half. It was so good and cheaper than a specialty coffee.
It was a nice place and I’d like to visit again. Next week we’ll look for another one.

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  1. Such sweet blessings in keeping those date days. I hope to grab a date this weekend with my husband.