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Peek Into Our Days

I’m still alive. I haven’t had much going on with school since it’s been slow going here. I need to get motivated again and get those lessons done!

I am watching a cute, chubby, happy, baby girl. She is 11 months. She has the cutest smile and the prettiest blue eyes. We really enjoy having her with us. Some days we have her for 10 hours a day from 7:00-5:00. We even took her camping with us one weekend. The whole family just adores her.

Joshua went camping with his Alert Cadet group. It was the first time ever that he was away from home over night without a family member!
November 21st
Everything he needs is in the backpack or his pockets. The weather forecast was rain. Oh no!
Thankfully it didn’t rain the whole time. The first day they stayed at base camp the second day the hiked 7 miles to their camp.
Joshua’s food and some gear. We had to buy at least $150 worth of stuff. The backpack is loaned and we did have a few things like a hiking sleeping bag, one that keeps you warm when its below 30 degrees.

He didn’t take all the food.
Josh was gone by the time Lupe came home with an early turkey dinner. His work had a special Thanksgiving lunch and gave the leftovers to us. His work is such a blessing. They help feed us, hee, hee.
Lupe adding Albertson’s stickers to the pamphlet. Our goal is to get another lasagna pan.
A little out of order, the pictures below start with November 10th. I didn’t plan on a post documenting our days but as I was going through the pictures on my phone I started writing.

November 10th we went to the park. We have had some cold days but mostly its been in the 60’s and 70’s.

The 22nd, Lance made some eggs. Wahoo, I want my kids to eat at least one egg a day. Lance had four! He said he could eat them all. I was a little hesitant and thought he might get a tummy ache but no, he was fine.
We made a Costco run with the girls. The two I babysit and Annette.
We had lunch there too. I brought my own because I was still on the Egg Fast.
All finished!
Later Lupe and I went on our date.
The books we were reading.
I won my book. I entered a blog giveaway.
On the 25th we were back at the park.
Annette with the baby.
On the 28th Lance just being Lance.
On the 29th Ethan was a huge help with helping me watch two little ones.
The little guy was like, stay away from me, don’t touch. It was cute.

I don’t usually share pictures of kids that are not mine unless it’s a shot that you can’t really see too much of their face but this one is just so cute! Ethan took the picture.
Awe, what a sweet little guy. We just love him so much. The kids are always asking when is Little L coming!?!?

  November the 30th Lupe and I went out on our weekly date.
Date Night
Lupe and I just being silly. He started it by taking pictures of me with my phone.
These Happy Date Days
December 1st. Cleaning!
One thing I really, really, miss is my big kitchen. There was lots of counter space, an island, and we also had <---key word, haha, a formal dining area. Which was just great and my dinner table was almost never, ever, cluttered with stuff. It was clean and clear. When we wanted to sit and eat we didn’t have to move this or that and there were no sticky food spots.

Not anymore. We have a postage stamp size kitchen. Chairs are always in the middle because they are in the way when they are around our big table. It’s a maze in this tiny kitchen and the table and counter tops are always cluttered. Well at least 90% of the time. Some days we get to see the counters but it only last for 40 minutes.

In the above picture, Brent is cleaning the table. Yay! It was clean for half a day.

Ethan cleaning the trash area.
Josh taking charge of the cleaning. He knows how to get the job done. I’m his authority back-up.
Baby S, just having fun.
And Josh made an Apple Pie!
Dec. 2nd, more baby fun!
Lance showing Baby S, how to make things with Trios.
Mommy payday, wahoo, CHRISTmas shopping (thank you Jesus).
Dad having fun with the boys.
On the 3rd more baby time.
The 4th day, baby, cousin, and Josh baking cookies.
Trying to keep the baby in one area while I teach All About Reading and English Lessons Through Literature. Annette is sitting on the floor with her school books helping.
My nephew doing homework. I was helping him with his math word problems. All my fun math manipulatives are in storage but I did have letter tiles!
Josh and his cousin rolling out the chocolate chip cookie dough.
Lance was not feeling good. His head hurt and his body was achy. I don’t have a thermometer but he did feel warm. I gave him a kiss when I woke that morning and thought, he feels warmer than usual and sure enough when he woke he told me he hurt. Thankfully it only lasted for a day and a half.
Dec. 5th, Baby, gelatin, sick Lance, and goats milk.
The baby wanted a book. She kept putting it in her mouth so I put the laundry basket over it and she just couldn’t figure out how to get to the book again. Finally she lost interest.
I texted a friend on one of my daily superfoods that I take. I usually use the green one in my coffee or other beverage. Lupe has a container at work. I also put it in the kids drinks.

The red one Annette uses to make homemade marshmallows. She is becoming quite the nutritious baker.
She has found several different recipes and has tweaked them. For the kids she has found that 1/2 raw honey and 1/2 pure maple syrup is what her brothers prefer. She tried recipes that use all honey or all maple syrup and they ate them but didn’t care too much for them.

She is also working on a low-carb version. She has also made fruit roll-ups, puddings, and other good for you desserts. I do believe my girl has a sweet tooth.

Lance in the morning was still resting. He didn’t feel as hot and by the end of the day he was his old self. In fact as I’m writing this post on Saturday he is out with his dad.
One of the boys (Caleb or Brent) put the reindeer antlers on him.

Little S is transition from formula to goats milk here at Homeschooling6.
Mt. Capra is homegenized goats powder and the Meyenberg is pasturized. I would love to give her the Capra Milk but I can’t always afford it. I purchased the Meyenberg because it’s cheaper.

I have also been feeding the baby egg yolks, fresh mashed banana/sweet potatoes/avocado (whatever I have on hand), diluted coconut water and coconut milk, and gelatin. I need to find more foods that she can pick up and eat like cheerios but not cheerios (wink).

And that my friends is what is happening here at Homeschooling6! I still need to upload my pictures from my camera and hopefully get them posted as well. I’m sure I’ll have some overlap days because I use both my camera and my phone on the same days.


  1. Wow! You sure have been a busy little elf with all that is going on in your home -- so different from mine with everyone lying around, wrapped in blankets and the sound of nose blowing..hehe!

    So good to see all the smiling faces and helpful children. Truly a blessing!

  2. I hope you will keep updating your content constantly as you have one dedicated reader here...
    Trebinje stan

  3. Yes, I plan to get back on the bandwagon soon. I really enjoy blogging. In Jan. we'll get back to schooling and I'll have more pics.

    It's been so crazy here (good crazy) that I need to carve some time to sit and blog.

    Thank you for your encouragement! ;)


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