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How I Make Ice Tea

Perfect Iced Tea
Ice tea, refreshing, flavorful, and just a good way to enjoy a cool drink. My method of making ice tea is pretty easy and it comes out good every time.
All you need is your favorite tea bags or loose tea, some jars with lids, and cool filtered water.

Depending on the size of the jar all I use is 2 or 3 tea bags.
Here I am steeping an English breakfast tea, peppermint, and a peach tea. Some of lid inserts are missing so I used a sandwich bag and screwed on the outer ring to keep it secured. By the time the tea is done it will be a little darker.
How I Make Ice Tea
I let them sit for 24 hours. Once done I put lots of ice in my glass, a little water, and the rest tea. I also add some Sweet Leaf liquid stevia, so good.
I have never-ever had a bitter ice tea when making it this way. Before I use to boil water, put 16 tea bags in, let it sit for 30 minutes (and most the time forget that I had tea steeping, ack!), and because I’d forget that my tea bags were steeping my tea would be a little bitter.

I’d then add equal amounts of water and still it was not always good. It was a hit and miss but I’d drink it because I didn’t want to waste.
Now I always get a delicious tasting glass of iced tea using only 2-3 tea bags.

How do you make ice tea?

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