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One Saturday (the 10th) Lance and I were the only ones at home which is really rare. So we both took care of our computer stuff first. Me with blogging, TOS Crew stuff, and going through emails. Lance had to finish up a computer game. Most likely it was a Lego or Star Wars game.
Don’t you just love the pink robe!?!?! Yup, it’s mine. I have 4 pink robes that I’ve collected over the 18 years of marriage.

Our first CHRISTmas together Lupe gave me a robe, my MIL gave me one when prego with my 4t or 6th child ( I can’t remember which pregnancy it was) , my kids gave me one about 5 years ago or so, and this CHRISTmas my hubby gave me one. I’m robed out, haha. I still have them all.

The one Lance is wearing is the robe the kids bought me, by ‘kids’ I mean their dad. That was when Lupe use to buy a gift for me from the kids. Now the kids buy their own. Growing up they are!
I don’t remember all that we did that weekend. The rest of the kids were with their dad.

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