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Week 3

We started our new school year two weeks ago. We are now on week 3 already. It’s been slow going. Our first week I still didn’t have everything and still don’t. I need to make do with what we have in some subjects.

I still need to take our school year pics. I’m disappointed in myself for not making our first day/week special. It just seemed to all of a sudden be here. It’s been crazy busy here with watching a one year old girl for 60+ hours, getting a rental ready (the previous renters didn’t leave the house in good condition, two year old appliances were broken, they used the brand new counter tops as a cutting bored! Who does that!), and getting organized here at home.
All About Reading
Ethan is half way through All About Reading, wahoo! I really had planned us to work much faster through this but . . .

This weeks teaching . . .
And I got our All About Reading and Spelling board finally set up (after how many years?!?!)
All About Reading
I only have one whiteboard so I didn’t really want to set up all the phonogram tiles. I finally gave in because it was taking to long trying to find the correct tiles during the lessons and many of them were being left on the board anyway in a not so orderly fashion.
English Lessons Through Literature
Ethan started English Lessons Through Literature Level 3 this year. He completed about 80% of level 2 so that was a  nice mommy-homeschooling feeling for me.

I was tempted to jump him to level 4 but after looking at it I thought better be safe than sorry. Level four is technically for 4th grade and yes, Ethan is a 6th grader this year but since we’ve been on the lighter side with grammar I thought it best to do level 3.

Ethan is also working through level 3 of All About Reading and Spelling. He’s kind of stuck on some words in AAS. We’ve been sitting on the same lessons for some time now and I’m wondering if we should move on or not. His spelling cards are piling up so this keeps me from moving on. Because of that I haven’t taught a spelling lesson in a few weeks plus he was on winter vacation for 4 weeks!

I just need to get the book out and start up again. Maybe tonight I’ll look at it.
Editor In Chief
Look what we started this new year: Editor In Chief from the Critical Thinking Company! I have Caleb (8th), Brent (7th), and Ethan (6th) using this. It’s actually a review item, so I’ll talk more about this later (wink)!
Editor In Chief
Ethan completing a Editor In Chief lesson. He is a few lessons behind the older boys.
Editor In Chief
So far so good, the boys ask for their Editor In Chief (the older two at least).
Editor In Chief 
See Lance back there, he wanted to join in on the fun too!
Editor In Chief
Close-up of Caleb working hard with finding the mistakes.
Editor In Chief
(these are last weeks pics)
Editor In Chief
Caleb doodling on his page, that always makes schoolwork more fun.
Editor In Chief
Caleb and Brent are half way through All About Reading Level 4! Sadly though their reading is still slow going. By the time a child completed level 4 they are suppose to be at high school level reading (especially if they are older I’d think) is what I read from one of the moderators on the All About Learning forum. I just hope that is the case with my kids!

As for mom, I start my days with a Bulletproof Coffee.
My cup got a new sweater, haha!

Then I have my magnesium drink.
And I’m good to go till lunch. The coffee keeps the hunger away for hours and that works for me.

Lastly, starting next week we’ll have a new little one in our home. A 3 year old boy. Oooh, preschool age. So now we’ll have two little ones, a 1yr. old girl and 3yr old boy.

And to close, hopefully I’ll get back to daily blogging again. It’s been hard with my mornings and early afternoon time watching little ones and schooling. By the time evening comes I’m to worn out. I use to blog around 2:00 everyday but that time is taken up with an active 1 year old or trying to fit school in if she’s napping.

This past week she has been sick so you all know how that goes, extra needy baby. Poor girl.

Until next time, enjoy your cup of java or tea!

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  1. Looks like a great start to your new year! I didn't know that about level 4. We are plugging away (and working on my review). We are doing Editor in Chief too - so far so good. Malachi likes it because it's like detective work, but easy so far. Love your sweater cozy! Here's to a great new school year!


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