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Homeschooling Days and Cinnamon “Rolls”

Brent and Caleb playing a game together. I forgot the name of this one but it’s one of the “work your brain” games.
Not only are they having fun but also getting their brain wheels going.
Annette has a really sweet friend at church. She made Annette a scarf for the cold days here in Texas.
Annette loves her scarf. She has noticed on the cold days when the temperature is 30 or below that her asthma gets worse. Wearing the scarf over her nose and mouth helps.

Lupe bought her the hat at Target. It was 60% off. I wonder where the cute hats I bought her from Shoemaker and Hardt are. Hmmm . . .
You all might be wondering what in the world is that log thing. It’s my attempt at making low-carb cinnamon rolls.

The dough didn’t rise like those at Cinnabon but the kids and hubby liked them. Not that I buy Cinnabon because  number one, they are not low-carb but also because of the ingredients.  Thankfully we’ve never been a Cinnabon buying family.
Before going into the oven.

See, they didn’t rise like regular cinnamon rolls but they were good.
And after with a few iced. I did ice all of them. They tasted good cold too.
Here’s some cinnamon muffins that was a hit too. Even my 6 year old nephew loved them.
A little blurred, oops! I think I was in a hurry to get my hands on these.
I think I should have used a pretty plate to take a picture. White on white doesn’t cut it.

These stayed moist and taste good warmed or cold.
Pure yummy-ness and good for you too!. I had no problems passing these babies out to my kids!

Some Snow

It’s been cold here. The temperatures dipped below freezing which caused the rain we had freeze over. Lots of slippery sidewalks and such. No fun for those that have to go to work.

Monday my husband stayed home. He received an email from work saying that the company will be closed due to the ice. The public schools were closed so we had a few kiddos here.

Tuesday he went to work a little later. The company he works for wanted to let some of the ice melt. Yay, he got to sleep in a little. Thankfully there was mostly slush. Public schools were still closed because their parking lots were frozen so we had some kids at our house again.

Wednesday there was light snow. Hubby went to work an hour late. Public schools were open but we still had a few kids at our house.
So needless to say, not much schooling going on here.
My husband’s truck this morning.
You can’t tell but it’s snowing.

My mini jeep, haha.
My dad’s car.
And sister’s car.
A squirrel having fun.
A bird in flight.
I snapped just in time. Did you find him?
By 2:00 P.M. most of the snow and ice was gone. The kids had a lot of fun playing outside. Making a pathetic Texas snowman. Hey, we try. I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of it.

Here are some of the shoes. Two pairs are not from my kiddos but they are here enough that I consider them my boys (wink).
Sigh, the carpet gets extra dirty when it rains or snows.
Because it doesn’t rain often here the boys save what they find.
And that was a “snow” day in Texas!

Schoolhouse Review: IndoctriNation

IndoctriNation came at the perfect time. I’ve been homeschooling for 12 years now and 6 of those years has included all 6 of my children. I’m tired and I wasn’t feeling the homeschool love while getting ready for our year to start in January. The yellow school bus that stops at the corner of our street was looking more and more tempting.

Then I had the chance to review IndoctriNation from Great Commission Films and it reminded me why I do this whole crazy homeschool thing (wink) which I truly do love but just needed some reminding and encouragement.
IndoctriNation: Colin Gunn a homeschooling father of seven takes his family across America to find out what exactly is going on in the public schools in American. Why the decline of Christianity in America.

Along the way he will interview pastors, teachers, authors, historians, constitutional lawyers, a public school administrator,  parents, and more.

He discloses how the public school is not a neutral zone. It still amazes me how people don’t want to see how our public schools have declined drastically because God is not wanted there. Don’t they see the decline not only academically but more importantly in our kids compassion for one another, their morals. I’m in complete shock how we as a nation could let this happen.

Watching IndoctriNation you can see how something like this can sneak up on a nation. It didn’t happen over night but has been happening slowly over a hundred years.

You will see many popular people in the homeschool community interviewed like John Taylor Gatto, Ken Ham, Samual Blumenfeld, as well as some new faces like former teacher now homeschool mom and soon to be author Sarah Laverdiere.

Who helped with this review: Joshua 16, Annette 15, Caleb 14, Ethan 12, and Lance 10. Some scenes may not be appropriate for the younger audience; please read below.

How I used IndoctriNation here at Homeschooling6: I watched this with all my kiddos. I wanted to be able to pause and discuss things with them.
I’m usually very careful with what I let my kids watch and screen most movies before letting them view it and, um, I should have done this with IndoctriNation. Oops! You are warned before the documentary starts that some parts may not be suitable for young audiences.

At the beginning of IndoctriNation there is talk about birth control and I had to tell the kiddos that those are not lollipops that are being handed out to the students without their parents consent.

I did pause the documentary at this time to explain so that the older kiddos understood. I was fine with that. It actually gave me the opportunity to talk to them about this. It wasn’t a long drawn out talk as I had the younger ones there.

As I was about to continue on with the documentary Lance said, “Mom, I don’t understand” he paused and then continued, “Maybe I don’t want to understand”, he’s a smart little guy.

There is another scene toward the end of the documentary about the Columbine shooting.

You may also like to be forewarned that there is talk about teachers and how they have taken advantage of their students.

For the most part for our family here at Homeschooling6 I was fine with all of them watching IndoctriNation. Some of the not suitable scenes that I mentioned above went over my younger kids head (thankfully).

I felt that all my kids were old enough to talk about the Columbine shooting.

My thoughts: IndoctriNation was very well done and I’d love for this documentary to reach the hands of every American homeschooling or not.

As a homeschool mom who has researched many hours through the years and have read some of the books published by some of the authors interviewed in IndoctriNation, having this documentary would have saved a lot of time.

The interviews with those who taught in the public schools was great insight to the struggles that they encounter as a believer of Jesus Christ. There was also an interview by a young lady who was educated in the public schools from grades K-12. She talks about her struggles and things that she was exposed to on bus rides and attending school.

I must admit that this documentary would be hard for me to give to my fellow believers who are teachers in the public school system or my single mom friends. I know the single moms struggle with guilt already that they can’t be home with their children let alone homeschool them (not that single moms can’t homeschool, I know some that do). I don’t want to add anymore guilt to their plate.

Final thoughts: I’d encourage my fellow homeschoolers and those of you who are thinking about homeschooling to watch IndoctriNation. And yes, those who don’t homeschol as well. You will be informed and sometimes shocked as to how blind our nation can be. We really do need the next generations of children to be thinkers, God fearing, and courageous. Not indoctrinated by the government controlled schools.

The film was an encouragement to me as a homeschooling mom because it reminded me why I homeschool my children.

To read more reviews please click on the banner below, thank you!
IndoctriNation DVD Review
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Week 6

Today I’ll write about what Lance completed today. I’m still having him work through Heart of Dakota: Preparing Hearts. It’s been slow going but today we did a little, yay!
Since I’m having a hard time with getting all of Preparing done so I usually have us do Reading About History, Storytime, and Science Exploration.

Lance really enjoys listening to the story of Jabeth in the Life in the Great Ice Age. Today we looked up verses in Genesis per the guide schedule and I asked him some questions. I enjoy this time. It’s fun to hear him answer and I love when he gets thinking and asking me questions too.

He also narrated after our One Small Square: Artic Tundra reading. Again, I love how he will ask me questions. We have some good discussions.
He practiced reading compound words in his All About Reading lesson.
ACE Science
He is finishing up his science PACE. I like that he gets some reading practice in while learning about God. This PACE was about God creating days 1, 2, and 3. When he read God Created the Clouds he learned about how people watch the clouds to know if they will have clear weather or storms. Pilots watch the clouds and sailors too.

When he read the lesson on People Use Wind to Do Work he learned how God put a covering around the earth, temperature, windmills and how the windmills help people.
ACE Science
Next week he’ll start a new Science and Social Studies PACE.

Ethan completed:
All About Spelling-3 lesson 13
All About Reading-3 lesson 40
Copywork from English Lessons Through Literature
Social Studies PACE pgs. 12-14
Word Builder PACE Pg. 4-5
English PACE p. 12-13
Visual Learning Science-we took our pulse and recorded it.
Visual Learning Systems
Yesterday he learned about the heart.
Visual Learning Systems
English Lessons Through Literature: changing words to plural form.
English Lessons Through Literature
In case you’re wondering why the overlapping with two English programs: English Lessons Through Literature and ACE English PACEs.
One of the main reasons is I like Ethan to have some busy or seatwork to do when I’m not teaching him directly. I think play time is great but I also want him to have some structure.

I like that the English PACEs give him written practice.
ACE English
Another reason is I don’t always get to each child everyday. Like this week for instance. I really meant to teach English Lessons Through Literature but didn’t get to until today, he did work through his PACE book and that gives a comfort level in the area of him doing ‘school’.
ACE Word Builder
I also like that he is practicing what he is learning from ELTL. Currently in English Lessons Through Literature Ethan is learning about different types of sentences which is also what he’s learning in his English PACE.

Word Builders is ACE’s spelling program. I’m not really using it as his spelling program per se but I do like that he’s writing words over and over and reading them too.
And that is why some of his homeschooling subjects are overlapping.
And lunch for the day!
Low carb bread that I made I got the recipe from Satisfying Eats cookbook, Gouda cheese, bacon, eggs, and hummus.

And that’s it for today!
All About Learning Press

Random February Pictures

Feb. 1st.
Cleaning out the school area (kitchen).
I was getting frustrated with all the time I waste looking for our books. I decided to take all the curricula that we were not using out.
It was hard because I’m visual. I like to see what I have just in case we might need it (wink) but at the same time it takes up a lot of space. I really don’t want to box it all up and send it to storage.

Feb. 3rd

My son Ethan takes after his mama.
He takes pictures of his food. Funny!

Ethan also kneed himself while playing with his brother.
Thankfully it’s doing much better. The red is almost gone now.

Some pictures of Lance before his haircut.
And just because he’s so cute!
Feb. 10th

I love a good deal and couldn’t pass these soaps up at Target. They were $2.62.
My hubby and I love homemade soaps. We usually purchase our soaps online but we were out and using a Dove bar, sorry, but Dove just doesn’t cut it for me.
And about the same time I found these beauties. Okay, so maybe they aren’t as pretty as some of the homemade soaps I buy but the price was spot on for us.
They were only $2.50 a bar, score! I love getting a great deal.

Here is Annette reading “Are You My Mother” in Spanish. She is loving her Spanish course.
Me not feeling to well. I was reading up on The One Year Adventure Novel.

Thursday, Feb. 12th

We took the day off to go to a friends house. It was a cold chilly day.
My friend spoiled me with a good cup of hot tea, a foot soak, and tea cookies. Yes, I ate sugar. It’s not often that I do but this was a special day.
I even had a Costco individual pizza. The kids and I had lots of fun. We watched The Legend of Johnny Lingo.

The boys played airsoft and and such, Annette did some card making with her sweet friend, and Lance played with the Brio blocks and Playmobiles that my friend’s children don’t play with anymore.
Lance took one of his big dot-to-dot pages too.
The kids had fun playing a game called Pit.

Friday Feb. 13th

Lupe was so sweet and took out my SIL, her daughter, Annette, and myself for an early Valentines Day dinner.
Dad and daughter.
And all three of us.
He surprised us with candy and cards (I gave back the candy, hehe).
I loved my card.
My SIL is always thinking about us and gave us some Valentine goodies.
Happy Valentines Day
Aren’t they pretty. I had one little, teeny, tiny, bite of the chocolate truffle heart. I use to love chocolate truffles and haven’t had one in two years.

Annette made a card for her Great Grandmother and wanted to put a picture of her and her brothers.
My Crazy Bunch
They are in age order: Josh 16, Annette 15, Caleb 14, Brent 13, Ethan 12, and Lance 10.

Monday the 16th

Brent, Ethan, and Lance stayed up all night Sunday to Monday morning.

From what I heard Brent was the first to succumb to sleep, then Ethan, and lastly about 6:30 A.M. was Lance.
He was awake when Annette got up to make her dad’s lunch. Lance said he had to stay awake until the sun came up.

 Annette informed him that it’s rainy and the sun won’t shine like it normally does. Lance kept saying he had to stay awake.

Annette finally had him sit down and the last she heard from him was, “I’m awake, I’m still awake” but minutes later he was asleep.
I took him to my room and let him sleep off the all nighter.
For several days the family enjoyed a puzzle that was given to us.

Monday night we started this puzzle and finished it Tuesday.
It was a challenge with many pieced being the same shape and so many faces of the two monsters.

Annette working on the puzzle. She is wearing her sweater that Josh gave her for CHRISTmas. He bought it at Mardel’s.
I took pictures of the whole family getting in on the action but they didn’t come out very well.

It was hard with the lighting and all. I took them at 11:00 P.M. so there was no natural light like the pictures I took the next morning.

Here is one from the night before (Monday night).
I was trying to get one with their dad but just wasn’t able (sad to say) but he was there making some memories with the kids.
Puzzle Fun
Lance and all his little friends.
The lighting was not cooperating that night.
The monkey in the middle is a build-a-bear that his Auntie found for a $1.00 at a thrift store. His cousins have build-a-bears and he really wanted one. On a trip with his cousins to the Build-a-bear store he had seen the monkey but it was $20.00, so finding it for a $1.00 a few weeks later was a happy thing!

She washed the Build-a-bear monkey and gave it to Lance, he was all smiles.
The bear on the right I got free a few years back from Amazon. I ordered most of my CHRISTmas gifts from Amazon that year and they sent me a free bear. It was so perfect because Lance was asking for a bear that Christmas. It amazes me how God cares for us, even with the little things like a stuffed bear and monkey.

The Curious George, I can’t remember if I bought that for him or if it was another Auntie find.

And the last photo in this post is of one of the guinea pigs.
This one is Annette’s, her name is Frappa.