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Crew School

Yesterday was a sick day for me. The stomach virus decided to visit me. I was tired and achy all day. The night before my dinner ended up making an appearance. It was horrible. I hate, absolutely hate vomiting. Gross, ewe, yuck!

Thank the Lord today I was all better. I can’t believe how much energy one can have when well. It makes me all the more thankful for my health.
Everything that I had planned for Monday (school-wise) was shifted to Tuesday, so we are a day behind.

Last week in science (using Visual Learning Systems) Ethan learned about plants. Part of his science was dissecting a flower. I didn’t plan ahead and had no flower. Over the weekend I got one.
Visual Learning Systems
We found some pretty, red carnations. I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of the flower cut in half.
Visual Learning Systems
Our worksheets.
Visual Learning Systems
I think he was suppose to draw the flower cut open but I thought he did a good job and didn’t want to say anything.

This week he is studying animal behavior.
Visual Learning 2
We doubled up on our science. After watching the video he completed a vocabulary worksheet.

Ethan is loving GPA Math! Today he worked on Graphing: Find the Missing Value.
Visual Learning Graphing 1
Ethan is a Superhero sidekick. He helps Nina Numerator and Dino Denominator defeat Dr. Division.

He also completed Finding the Shortest Distance.
Visual Learning Graphing Find Shortest Distance 1
Visual Learning Graphing Find Shortest Distance 2
He spends hours doing math. I have to make him get off the computer.
He’s using the 5th grade math. So far he’s done a lot of graphing and learning about exponents. These are things that he hasn’t done a whole lot of in Teaching Textbooks.

In a week or so Ethan will add Greek Morphemes to his school days via the Crew! I’m looking forward using this with him.

There is another Crew item that I’m really, really, hoping I’ll get to review. It’s an online interactive reading adventure. My goal this year is to have Ethan read, read, and read some more, especially with his school. He doesn’t care much to read on his own so if it’s part of school he has to do it.

With our science he has to read the activity sheets and I bought him some ACE PACES to read as well. 

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