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Great Deals at Mardel

Joshua wanted me to go with him and my dad to Mardel’s today. I normally don’t like to leave the house during school hours but hey, my son wants his mama to hang out with him.

Boy am I glad I went, I found all kinds of deals.
I was so excited to see two iWitness books for 67% off. The cashier gave me 70% off because it wouldn’t ring up correctly. Score! They were about $8.00 each.

The Schoolhouse Review Crew reviewed these books last year and I had to skip that one. I was super happy when I saw these two. They are a pretty good size and I love the whole scrapbook look on the inside.
I also found God and the History of Art teacher manual. The cashier gave me 75% off. I snagged it for $5.60 regular price $14.95. I don’t really need this but since I have the other components I thought I’d go ahead and get it. Josh wanted it too. He loves his art program and wants to make sure he doesn’t miss anything from hit.

I was thrilled to find these huge dot-to-dots.
Normally $19.99 I paid $6.59.
Some have over 3000 dots!
Look at the size of some of them. Brent was so excited when I showed him.

You know what else I saw for 50% off, IEW notebook with the student DVDs. I was tempted to get it but even at 50% off I didn’t have enough. I took only cash with me to make sure I didn’t over spend.
I don’t know why but I’ve been wanting a pointer for years. I finally paid the big bucks for one ($4.99) it was painful but you know, after all the saving on my previous purchases I decided to go for it.

My total at Mardel’s came to $33.18 before taxes.

On the way home Josh treated me to an iced coffee. What a sweet young man. I think some of the customers at Starbucks was pretty impressed with Joshua and how he opened doors and treated me. On our way out since I was closer I was going to open the door myself but right away Josh said, “I’ll get the door for you”, even though he had two drinks in his hand and I only one.


  1. My daughter loves those extreme dot-to-dots, didn't realize they had poster-size ones!

  2. I didn't either so I was pretty excited. I wish I had a snap-shot of Brent's face when I showed him.


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