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Homeschooling Days and Cinnamon “Rolls”

Brent and Caleb playing a game together. I forgot the name of this one but it’s one of the “work your brain” games.
Not only are they having fun but also getting their brain wheels going.
Annette has a really sweet friend at church. She made Annette a scarf for the cold days here in Texas.
Annette loves her scarf. She has noticed on the cold days when the temperature is 30 or below that her asthma gets worse. Wearing the scarf over her nose and mouth helps.

Lupe bought her the hat at Target. It was 60% off. I wonder where the cute hats I bought her from Shoemaker and Hardt are. Hmmm . . .
You all might be wondering what in the world is that log thing. It’s my attempt at making low-carb cinnamon rolls.

The dough didn’t rise like those at Cinnabon but the kids and hubby liked them. Not that I buy Cinnabon because  number one, they are not low-carb but also because of the ingredients.  Thankfully we’ve never been a Cinnabon buying family.
Before going into the oven.

See, they didn’t rise like regular cinnamon rolls but they were good.
And after with a few iced. I did ice all of them. They tasted good cold too.
Here’s some cinnamon muffins that was a hit too. Even my 6 year old nephew loved them.
A little blurred, oops! I think I was in a hurry to get my hands on these.
I think I should have used a pretty plate to take a picture. White on white doesn’t cut it.

These stayed moist and taste good warmed or cold.
Pure yummy-ness and good for you too!. I had no problems passing these babies out to my kids!

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  1. Baked goodies and homeschooling....seems like a perfect day!


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