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Out of Coffee (no way!)

Look what arrived yesterday!
I bought this shirt from one of my bloggy friends, Jenn at Fresh Start Academy. She posted a picture of this shirt on Facebook and I loved it. I really enjoy a good cup of coffee and I like the colors pink and brown. I got to pick the colors!
I told the kids I’m dressed in my mocha colors.

Thankfully we are not out of coffee and the day is not cancelled because I had a lot of teaching to do today!

And before I continue I need to make you all aware of . . .
All About Learning Press
I started with Caleb and Brent. They both completed their first Rod and Staff English test today. I’d love to say that they both received a 100% but they didn’t. Brent had trouble with some of the diagramming. Caleb missed 10 problems, eeks! I’m sure they’ll do better next time.

The boys started Cover Story this week.
 Cover Story
Their daily assignment is writing 5 questions in the Remarkable Journal daily. Their goal is to complete 3 lessons a week.
The boys also completed a lesson in All About Reading 4. I can’t wait to be done with this. It will free 30 minutes of my day.

With Ethan I had planned to do English Lessons Through Literature but it didn’t make it in today’s lessons.
I did get an All About Reading 3 lessons as well as All About Spelling 3. Wahoo!
We’ve been parked at Step 13.
All About Spelling
Today I dictated missed spelling word (the green cards) and two sentences.
All About Spelling
Ethan read aloud from one of his PACEs.
I circled the words that he misread. I want to keep track of them. I had him answer the questions on his own time. I bought the PACEs for more reading practice.
For math he completed another lesson of GPA Math.
He missed only 1 problem which surprised both of us considering during the practice session he was having a hard time.
GPA Math 1
Lance slept till noon today. He is a night owl. Even when I put him to bed early he is still up when I go to bed around 10:00 P.M.

I found him in my bed.
Ooops! That’s not Lance.
There he is, next to Curious George.

Here is what I saw when I went to check on him again (and to wake him!).
Talk about a wild sleeper. And yes, my son sleeps in his clothes.

So, my little guy is doing night school. He will complete a GPA math lesson and read to me from his history and science PACEs.


  1. Hi Linda, I had to stop by and comment about the shirt you're wearing. It's so cute and perfect for coffee drinkers like us. I love it! :)

  2. Thank you, it's a fun one to wear ;)


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