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Schoolhouse Review: IndoctriNation

IndoctriNation came at the perfect time. I’ve been homeschooling for 12 years now and 6 of those years has included all 6 of my children. I’m tired and I wasn’t feeling the homeschool love while getting ready for our year to start in January. The yellow school bus that stops at the corner of our street was looking more and more tempting.

Then I had the chance to review IndoctriNation from Great Commission Films and it reminded me why I do this whole crazy homeschool thing (wink) which I truly do love but just needed some reminding and encouragement.
IndoctriNation: Colin Gunn a homeschooling father of seven takes his family across America to find out what exactly is going on in the public schools in American. Why the decline of Christianity in America.

Along the way he will interview pastors, teachers, authors, historians, constitutional lawyers, a public school administrator,  parents, and more.

He discloses how the public school is not a neutral zone. It still amazes me how people don’t want to see how our public schools have declined drastically because God is not wanted there. Don’t they see the decline not only academically but more importantly in our kids compassion for one another, their morals. I’m in complete shock how we as a nation could let this happen.

Watching IndoctriNation you can see how something like this can sneak up on a nation. It didn’t happen over night but has been happening slowly over a hundred years.

You will see many popular people in the homeschool community interviewed like John Taylor Gatto, Ken Ham, Samual Blumenfeld, as well as some new faces like former teacher now homeschool mom and soon to be author Sarah Laverdiere.

Who helped with this review: Joshua 16, Annette 15, Caleb 14, Ethan 12, and Lance 10. Some scenes may not be appropriate for the younger audience; please read below.

How I used IndoctriNation here at Homeschooling6: I watched this with all my kiddos. I wanted to be able to pause and discuss things with them.
I’m usually very careful with what I let my kids watch and screen most movies before letting them view it and, um, I should have done this with IndoctriNation. Oops! You are warned before the documentary starts that some parts may not be suitable for young audiences.

At the beginning of IndoctriNation there is talk about birth control and I had to tell the kiddos that those are not lollipops that are being handed out to the students without their parents consent.

I did pause the documentary at this time to explain so that the older kiddos understood. I was fine with that. It actually gave me the opportunity to talk to them about this. It wasn’t a long drawn out talk as I had the younger ones there.

As I was about to continue on with the documentary Lance said, “Mom, I don’t understand” he paused and then continued, “Maybe I don’t want to understand”, he’s a smart little guy.

There is another scene toward the end of the documentary about the Columbine shooting.

You may also like to be forewarned that there is talk about teachers and how they have taken advantage of their students.

For the most part for our family here at Homeschooling6 I was fine with all of them watching IndoctriNation. Some of the not suitable scenes that I mentioned above went over my younger kids head (thankfully).

I felt that all my kids were old enough to talk about the Columbine shooting.

My thoughts: IndoctriNation was very well done and I’d love for this documentary to reach the hands of every American homeschooling or not.

As a homeschool mom who has researched many hours through the years and have read some of the books published by some of the authors interviewed in IndoctriNation, having this documentary would have saved a lot of time.

The interviews with those who taught in the public schools was great insight to the struggles that they encounter as a believer of Jesus Christ. There was also an interview by a young lady who was educated in the public schools from grades K-12. She talks about her struggles and things that she was exposed to on bus rides and attending school.

I must admit that this documentary would be hard for me to give to my fellow believers who are teachers in the public school system or my single mom friends. I know the single moms struggle with guilt already that they can’t be home with their children let alone homeschool them (not that single moms can’t homeschool, I know some that do). I don’t want to add anymore guilt to their plate.

Final thoughts: I’d encourage my fellow homeschoolers and those of you who are thinking about homeschooling to watch IndoctriNation. And yes, those who don’t homeschol as well. You will be informed and sometimes shocked as to how blind our nation can be. We really do need the next generations of children to be thinkers, God fearing, and courageous. Not indoctrinated by the government controlled schools.

The film was an encouragement to me as a homeschooling mom because it reminded me why I homeschool my children.

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