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Some Snow

It’s been cold here. The temperatures dipped below freezing which caused the rain we had freeze over. Lots of slippery sidewalks and such. No fun for those that have to go to work.

Monday my husband stayed home. He received an email from work saying that the company will be closed due to the ice. The public schools were closed so we had a few kiddos here.

Tuesday he went to work a little later. The company he works for wanted to let some of the ice melt. Yay, he got to sleep in a little. Thankfully there was mostly slush. Public schools were still closed because their parking lots were frozen so we had some kids at our house again.

Wednesday there was light snow. Hubby went to work an hour late. Public schools were open but we still had a few kids at our house.
So needless to say, not much schooling going on here.
My husband’s truck this morning.
You can’t tell but it’s snowing.

My mini jeep, haha.
My dad’s car.
And sister’s car.
A squirrel having fun.
A bird in flight.
I snapped just in time. Did you find him?
By 2:00 P.M. most of the snow and ice was gone. The kids had a lot of fun playing outside. Making a pathetic Texas snowman. Hey, we try. I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of it.

Here are some of the shoes. Two pairs are not from my kiddos but they are here enough that I consider them my boys (wink).
Sigh, the carpet gets extra dirty when it rains or snows.
Because it doesn’t rain often here the boys save what they find.
And that was a “snow” day in Texas!


  1. Oh I am missing my little mountain when I see the snow. It's been a rough for the past few days knowing that I am still in battle mode with my health.

    Today is E's birthday and we are getting ready to celebrate, but I wanted to say "thank you" again for thinking of me. I can't wait until I can see your card in person.

    ...so grateful for friends across the miles!!!

  2. You're so welcome. I'll continue to pray for you. Happy Birthday to E.

    We only get a handful of snow days here and my kids love it. I'm so thankful for those days. It is hard to get any school done though ;)


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