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Week 4

This week was slow going for me. I know my problem is me not planning our week out and sleeping in till 7:00 is not a good thing. I take forever to drink my coffee, shower, and get ready to teach. By the time I’m done it’s close to 9:00 or 10:00, ack! Not good at all.

My goal this weekend is to get my teacher planner out and write the lessons that I want to complete with each child in it. Like I use to when the older kiddos were younger.

As for this week Ethan started two new review programs. I need to write about his school stuff. Ethan is going to Crew school this year. Meaning I plan to use a lot of the Schoolhouse Review Crew programs.
So far he is using science and math from the Crew. I plan to continue with Heart of Dakota but cutting back on it. Mainly using it for history, narrations, and read aloud.

Math this week he completed 7 lessons. He is using level 5 of GPA Math along with Teaching Textbooks.
GPA Math
He didn’t get any Teaching Textbook math in this week because he was so excited about his GPA math. Next week I’ll have him complete at least 4 lessons of Teaching Textbook.

GPA math is so fun I have a hard time pulling him off to do the rest of his school subjects.

For science he is learning about plants using Visual Learning Systems. I like that he’s getting science done. Monday he watched the video about plants learning about germination, fertilization, photosynthesis, pollination, and so forth.

During the week he completes some work pages/activities. Next week he will dissect a flower and than start another unit on Animal Behavior.
Here is Caleb going over a Rod and Staff lesson. We are reviewing the basics of diagramming.

I’ve been doing great with Caleb and Brent completing:
I do need to sit with them and go over their Heart of Dakota stuff. I slacked off this week.

Caleb and Brent having fun after teaching their Rod and Staff English.

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