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Week 5 (2/9/15-2/13/15)

Week 5 was a short week for all of us, well except Josh and Annette. Those two are really good with getting their school done whether mom is sick or if they made plans to go somewhere during the week.

Monday I woke up with tummy issues again. Thankfully nothing came up and out but I was tired and achy.
A cup of tea with some Chai Spice sweetened with stevia was a good thing.

The kids had a semi day because mama didn’t feel like teaching.
Lots of Playmobile playing going on and Stratego.
Tuesday I was feeling better and the kids worked on their independent stuff. Their cousin was sick that day and stayed with us while his mama went to work. The kids help entertain him with some board games.
Land, Caleb, Ethan, and cousin.

Joshua went to work. He had to fill out paperwork, yup, my eldest son is working and at a coffee shop.
Wednesday I sat with Lance and had him read to me via his ACE PACES.
He completed science and social studies.
I know you all are probably wondering, what happened to Heart of Dakota?!?! I plan to use it but more for history, narrations, and read aloud.

Teaching Caleb, Brent, Ethan, and Lance can take a lot out of a mama. Some days I only get some subjects in with some students. For instance with Ethan I may only get English and All About Reading   so having him complete spelling using ACE for that day works great. Plus it gives my two younger boys reading practice.

My boys unfortunately won’t pick up a book unless they have to.
Lance completed some spelling words.
Wednesday was parent night at AWANA. We had a lot of fun meeting some of the parents of the students that we teach in T&T.

As for school, I didn’t take any pictures!!! I need to keep my camera handy.
Thursday we all took the day off to visit a friend. The boys played airsoft and Annette had fun making cards with her friend. I had was spoiled by my friend with a foot soak, tea, and essential oils. We had tons of fun.

Friday I did get a shot of our dictation passage from Spelling You See.
Caleb and Brent are working through Part 2 of Americana. You’re not suppose to go into phonograms but every-so-often I’ll point them out like ‘ed’ or three letter i. I reinforce what we are learning from All About Reading level 4.

Later in the evening my husband took Annette, his sister, our niece, and myself out to dinner for an early Valentines Day dinner. How sweet he is. I love how Lupe thinks of his sister and her family. He is a wonderful example to Annette and her brothers of what a good Christian man is. Thank you my Love!

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  1. Wow, Josh looks great!! How exciting to be working!

    I am so glad you finally joined AAS's affiliate program! I pray you get lots of sales.

    Lupe IS a keeper! That was sweet of him.

    Love the mug; I want one. ;)


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