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Week 6

Today I’ll write about what Lance completed today. I’m still having him work through Heart of Dakota: Preparing Hearts. It’s been slow going but today we did a little, yay!
Since I’m having a hard time with getting all of Preparing done so I usually have us do Reading About History, Storytime, and Science Exploration.

Lance really enjoys listening to the story of Jabeth in the Life in the Great Ice Age. Today we looked up verses in Genesis per the guide schedule and I asked him some questions. I enjoy this time. It’s fun to hear him answer and I love when he gets thinking and asking me questions too.

He also narrated after our One Small Square: Artic Tundra reading. Again, I love how he will ask me questions. We have some good discussions.
He practiced reading compound words in his All About Reading lesson.
ACE Science
He is finishing up his science PACE. I like that he gets some reading practice in while learning about God. This PACE was about God creating days 1, 2, and 3. When he read God Created the Clouds he learned about how people watch the clouds to know if they will have clear weather or storms. Pilots watch the clouds and sailors too.

When he read the lesson on People Use Wind to Do Work he learned how God put a covering around the earth, temperature, windmills and how the windmills help people.
ACE Science
Next week he’ll start a new Science and Social Studies PACE.

Ethan completed:
All About Spelling-3 lesson 13
All About Reading-3 lesson 40
Copywork from English Lessons Through Literature
Social Studies PACE pgs. 12-14
Word Builder PACE Pg. 4-5
English PACE p. 12-13
Visual Learning Science-we took our pulse and recorded it.
Visual Learning Systems
Yesterday he learned about the heart.
Visual Learning Systems
English Lessons Through Literature: changing words to plural form.
English Lessons Through Literature
In case you’re wondering why the overlapping with two English programs: English Lessons Through Literature and ACE English PACEs.
One of the main reasons is I like Ethan to have some busy or seatwork to do when I’m not teaching him directly. I think play time is great but I also want him to have some structure.

I like that the English PACEs give him written practice.
ACE English
Another reason is I don’t always get to each child everyday. Like this week for instance. I really meant to teach English Lessons Through Literature but didn’t get to until today, he did work through his PACE book and that gives a comfort level in the area of him doing ‘school’.
ACE Word Builder
I also like that he is practicing what he is learning from ELTL. Currently in English Lessons Through Literature Ethan is learning about different types of sentences which is also what he’s learning in his English PACE.

Word Builders is ACE’s spelling program. I’m not really using it as his spelling program per se but I do like that he’s writing words over and over and reading them too.
And that is why some of his homeschooling subjects are overlapping.
And lunch for the day!
Low carb bread that I made I got the recipe from Satisfying Eats cookbook, Gouda cheese, bacon, eggs, and hummus.

And that’s it for today!
All About Learning Press


  1. Look at you "balancing it all"! I've pondered using this program for next year, but I really think I am going to finish up with FIAR before changing up.

    I've missed you!! Internet here at my mom's house is touch and go and frustrating.

  2. Thank you sweet friend! Yes, I think finishing up FIAR is a good thing. You do so well with it.

    ACE on their website has a page where you can sign up your child for an assessment and place them accordingly.

    I'm going to have my younger ones take it sometime soon. I really need them to have some independence and the PACEs are really helping (although I do sit with them at times to listen to their reading). I'll post more about them soon.


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