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Week of Sickness

Last week was sick week for us all. My husband and Annette had major allergy issues. Lupe was working on a rental and all the dust of cutting boards and such really aggravated his allergies. He couldn’t breath at night through his nose.

One of those nights at 3:00 A.M. I boiled some water with Himalayan salt (I was out of my essential oils, ack!) put it in a bowl and had him breath in the hot water with a towel over him. That helped.

My hubby doesn’t miss work unless he is truly sick. He hardly ever uses up all his sick days so when my Sweets comes home early, like at noon, than I know he’s not feeling good.

Lupe came home early on Wednesday and stayed home Thursday. He needed the rest poor guy.

I’m so glad I had tea on hand. Lupe loves a hot cup of tea when he’s not feeling well.
Annette too was stuffed up but thank the Lord she always had one nasal passage open.

Joshua and I came down with a cold. Thankfully by the time I was on day two of my cold I had some oregano essential oil come in and that kicked the cold to the side. It really did. Sunday we all stayed home from church to rest and by Monday I was fine. I really thought I was going to get stuffy nosed, hacking cough, but no, I was good. Usually I’d have a cough that lingers forEVER.

I put the oregano oil on my feet. I oil pulled with it and even put a drop (yes it was hot) on my tongue and let it sit there for a moment. 

I really didn’t know what to do because I knew it would hurt for a bit going down and yup, it did, haha. It was worth it though.<---don’t try this at home Winking smile
I only did the drop on the tongue thing once though, Open-mouthed smile.
I also had Lupe, Josh, Annette, and I sniffing peppermint and that helped open up our nasal passages as well.

I ordered the oils on Friday and they arrived on Saturday! Now that was some majorly fast shipping. I should have put the order in sooner but I kept thinking that by the time it came we wouldn’t need them anymore.

Lupe was feeling better when the oils came but the peppermint and oregano was a good thing. I rubbed the oregano on his feet too. By Monday he was good to go.

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  1. ((hugs)) being sick is no fun :( I will be praying that they continue to recover and regain strength.

    I'm still in a health battle myself and trying my best to rest and hope to heal.


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