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A Different Kind of Box Day!

Saturday morning I woke to find this in my living room.
I was super excited. I didn’t realize that Friday night (late) this was dropped off on my front porch. Hubby came home from work really late (like at 2:00 A.M.) and found the box cold and lonely (hehe).

For the past 6 months I’ve been jumping on the essential oils bandwagon (a good thing). Not that I hadn’t known about EO’s before but I'm making it my next step with trying to eliminate chemicals here at Homeschooling6.

In the past I used lavender and Melaleuca  but that’s basically all. When Josh was a baby I read how Lavender could help boost a child’s immune system with just a few drops in their bath.

I use to use Lavender or Melaleuca oil when making homemade baby wipes too but that was really the extant of it.

And about a year ago I bought some rosemary, I don’t remember why I purchased that one. The last three months I’ve been buying some of my essential oils from Heritage Essential Oils. I like their moisturizing blends. I'll be sharing more about their blends later.

I have also purchased from Edens Garden. I like their carrier oils

One essential oils company that I really, really, wanted to try was Young Livings. I finally placed an order and am loving the Everyday Oils collection.

How pretty they look! 

So far I’ve added some lemon oil to my homemade avocado mayo, dipped some chicken breast in the mayo, and cooked them in a pan with avocado oil. So good. My boys (the picky ones) loved it. I plan to make some more this week for supper.

I’ve added the lemon oil to my water and just love sniffing it. The lemon is Ethan’s favorite. Thieves has been going into my husbands warm tea. Joy, oh my word! It smells wonderful. I diffused this one in the kitchen today (that’s where I was most of the day).
I haven’t sprayed perfume on me for about 10 years. Number one being, I haven’t found a scent I or Lupe like. Number two, I don’t want to wear chemicals. Well guess what, I found my ‘perfume’. No chemicals and it smells wonderful.

In the living room I had Melaleuca diffusing.
I had a sick but very cute little niece over which is why I chose this immune booster which combats bacteria and viruses too!

I absolutely love the diffuser. It’s so pretty. I have 4 others that are not from Young Living that I thought they were nice but after receiving the one from YL, I am in love with it. It’s so pretty!
Yesterday I filled half of a 1oz amber bottle with avocado and macadamia oil along with 6 drops each of lavender, lemon, and frankincense for Caleb to use. He is starting to get that teenage acne. 

So starts my Essential Oils adventure!


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