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Review Schooling

Why I buy any school curricula is beyond me, especially when most of our schooling comes from review items!

Many of what we did today were review items. Bible, math, some history, and reading.

Right now Caleb is taking a break from the history box of Heart of Dakota to help out with a reviewing U.S. History Detective from the Critical Thinking Co.
U.S. History Detective
Another item from Critical Thinking Co. that we are reviewing is Understanding Algebra 1. Caleb is helping me out with this one too.

Understanding Algebra 1

Brent, Ethan, and Lance practice reading Orphs of the Woodland from Star Toaster. They are really, really, liking the story.

Star Toase Orhps of the Woodlands
All 6 kiddos are using A+ Adaptive Placement Test. I love that the program finds each child’s math-gap and caters the lessons to what they need to work on and master.
A Plust TutorSoft
Caleb and Brent are using IXL for grammar. This has been a huge help to me because I’ve been so busy with the younger kiddos.
Today we started a new Bible study The Books of Moses 2 from Real Life Press.
Real Life Press
We also learned a little bit of history with how Mother’s Day came to be. Amy Peutz has a new book in her Countdown Series. This one hasn't been released yet but will be available toward the end of April.
Amy Puetz
And!!! In the next few weeks Ethan, Lance, and I will start a Once a Week Unit Study from Homeschool Legacy~ We the People: Getting to Know Your Constitution.
Once a Week Unit Studies
This is one of the reason why I have switched some of my kiddos over to ACE PACEs. It’s so much easier for me to review items and have the kids continue getting their core schooling done. As much as I love Heart of Dakota there is not much wiggle room because it’s a very rich program.

As you can see from the review items above we are getting in many subjects: history, Bible, grammar, reading practice and math. I didn’t even mention Visual Learning, a science program and Fascinating Education another science program. And I forgot to post that Ethan is learning vocabulary with using Greek Morphemes.

I’m almost tempted to pull Caleb and Brent from HOD too so Caleb can continue with U.S. History Detective and both Caleb and Brent can join in with learning about our constitution.

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