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Schoolhouse Review: Editor in Chief

Editor in Chief
I’m always looking for a fun way to review grammar and mechanics so this next review from The Critical Thinking Co. is perfect! Editor in Chief Level 2.

Review helpers: My two middle sons: Caleb 14 year old 8th grader and Brent 13 year old 7th grader.
The Critical Thinking Co.

About Editor in Chief Level 2: This is a new item from The Critical Thinking Company. You can purchase it for $19.99 or as part a  full curriculum package.

Editor in Chief Level 2 is a great supplement to any Language Arts program. It’s easy to include and my boys said it was fun! Now that’s a good thing! I love when my boys like their school work.

So what makes it on the fun list here at homeschooling6? Well, my boys love anything detective-y and that’s what they imagined as they were editing the passages of Editor in Chief. Detectives on the hunt for errors. They also pretended to be editors for a magazine company.

Editor in Chief Level 2 contains 12 lessons in grammar and mechanics with a total of 69 activity sheets. Each lesson contains 4 passages to correct.

Each activity page has an article  with errors for the student to find and correct.

Level 2 covers: content, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, adjectives, adverbs, articles, conjunctions, prepositions, interjections, pronouns, verbs, clauses, phrases, agreements, confused word pairs/negative words, run-on sentences, and sentence fragments. Whew, that’s a lot of detective work going on!

Not all errors are included in a passage. Your child will focus on one skill at a time.

How it works:
Each lesson starts off with information about the new skill. If the chapter is covering pronouns your child will read the lesson pages before he/she starts the activity sheets about subjective personal pronouns, objective personal pronouns, first person, possessive, relative pronouns, etc.

You can have your child work independently or go over the lesson pages together.

The lesson pages are great to refer back to as they are correcting the passages and/or to place in their Language Arts binder for future use as well.

Next the child becomes a detective and hunts the pronoun errors. How many errors are indicated on the top of the page.
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Once the child is done and has corrected his paper they can then rewrite the passage. This is an optional activity. If my boys didn’t have copywork from their core curriculum I’d have them copy it and use it as copywork or to practice writing in cursive.

A mini review follows every 3rd lesson covering the skills learned in the previous 3 lessons. Every 6th lesson there is a review covering the previous 6 skills learned. And lastly there is a final review covering all the skills from lessons 1-12.

The answers to each activity page can be found in the back of the book.

RECAP: your child will learn a new grammar skill, read the lesson pages, practice what he learned by finding errors, review the previous learned 3 skills following every 3rd less, review following every 6th lesson, and a final review lesson which includes all 12 previous skills learned from lessons 1-2.

How Editor in Chief was used at Homeschooling6: First I would like to point out how generous The Critical Thinking Co. is with their copyright. I love that I can make copies within my family.

Every weekend I copied what I would need for my two boys. They completed three Editor in Chief pages a week. Caleb and Brent struggle with reading and aren’t the type to pick up a book just for the pleasure of reading a good story. Anytime I can get my boys to read is a good thing.

I had one of the boys read the passage out loud (they alternated, next time the other one would read). Once the reading was done I asked them if they had any questions. If not they were to complete the rest on their own and we would meet the next day and correct the passage together.
 Editor in Chief Level 2
What I thought of Editor in Chief: My first thought was, “Wow! The kids think this is fun!”, I don’t get that everyday with schoolwork.

I love how the rules of grammar are applied and the kids are editing the paper. Anything to do with detective work and editing a ‘real’ paper makes learning fun (we pretended they were editing papers for a magazine). I think the boys liked competing with each other too!

If you are looking for a fun way to supplement your current English program you just might want to give Editor in Chief a try.
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