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Schoolhouse Review: GPALOVEMATH

GPA Learn  Math
I was given the chance to review a math program by GPA Learn and it was an instant hit with my two youngest boys.

Review helpers: 12 year old Ethan and 10 year old Lance

Review item: GPALOVEMATH (Great Parents Academy)

What is GPALOVEMATH ? It’s an interactive, web-based, super fun math program for grades K-5! My kids loved it so much that I had to pull them away from it. Yup! I had to tell them to stop doing math. That was a first here at Homeschooling6. Never before have I had to pull them away from math.

When you sign up for GPA LOVE MATH you have access to all 6 grade levels which is really nice if you have a child that needs to back up in one area of math. Every level has over 150 lesson and over 10,000 practice problems. Your child can finish a level in 10 months by completing 4-5 lessons a week.
Each grade has a fun character(s) that teach the student new math skills.
GPA Math the Crew
With Ethan we used the 5th grade level. In this math adventure he helped Dino Denominator and Nina Numerator defeat the evil Doctor Division in the city of Circle City. They worked below in their state-of-the art Computation Cave. Ethan was a  superhero sidekick in training to become a superhero.

Each adventure math lesson has three parts: instruction, practice, and the quiz.

Instruction - has either Dino or Nina will teach a new math skill. The child listens and clicks on the green arrow to continue to the next screen.
GPA Math
Practice – after the instructions Ethan practices what was introduced. During the practice section no points are awarded. If Ethan gave an incorrect answer he had the opportunity to try again or he could choose one of the 3 lifelines. A lifeline will show the student the correct answer. I’d love it if the lifeline feature walked the student through the problem before giving the answer.

When Ethan gave an incorrect answer instead of a green checkmark in the lower right corner he would see a red refresh sign and either Nina (as in the screenshot below) or Dino would instruct him to try again.
GPA Practive
Quiz – there are 15 problems to be worked out. During the quiz the child has no lifelines and no green checkmark or red refresh sign. Once Ethan completed the quiz he was given his score.
Gpa 3 Ethan got it
Ethan received Rock Star meaning he had 14-15 correct math problems and received 150 points. Yay for Ethan! As you can see from the screenshot above Ethan worked through this lesson 4 times.

The kiddos earn points toward some pretty fun rewards (one which was a $25 gift certificate to Toy R Us) depending on the status of his grade.

Grades for each lesson are as follows: Rockstar, Excellent, and Nice Job. If Ethan scores below 10 correct answers he will need to repeat the lesson.
Ethan an also redo a lesson if he wants to get a higher score. For example go from an apprentice to master status. If Ethan feels he doesn't need to watch the instruction part of the lesson again he can skip to the practice section or straight to the quiz.

You will have a teacher and student account. The teacher account allows you to test run a lesson. Both the teacher and student account look pretty much the same. The teacher’s account you have access to all your students.
Parent Dashboard 3
You and your child can see the progress that is being made.

Each grade level has over 150 lesson and over 10,000 practice problems. Your child can complete a level in 10 months by completing 4-5 lessons a week.
There are several ways your child can access the lessons. One is through the recommended order which is shown below. As your child completes a lesson and receives “Master” status he/she is allowed to move on to the next lesson. 
Parent Dashboard 2
Another way to move through the lessons is by topics.
GPA by Topics
As your child completes his lessons mom receives an email from GPA Learn. What was great about the email, it not only informed me if Ethan passed the lesson but if he needed help as well. I was encouraged to log into his account and go through the lesson with him.  
A weekly digest will be sent to you as well showing everything the child completed for the week.

How we used GPA Learn: I had Lance use it as a supplement but for the first three weeks he only use GPA Learn. What is great about the program is you will have full access to all grade levels. This was great with Lance who went between the 3rd and 4th grade levels. He really liked learning with the robot named Abacas.
GPA Math 3rd Grade
Abacas makes learning fun by finding things in the junkyard and using them to learn math in his workshop. The lessons start with manipulatives for instance when learning 3 digit adding or subtracting Abacas will use the base ten blocks. As the child goes through the lesson he takes the base ten blocks away so the child is only using the numerals.

Ethan used GPA Math (that’s what we called it) as his main math mostly in the recommended order. He used GPA Math five days a week. I didn’t have to remind him to do his math at all! Before I was always asking, “Did you do your math?” and the answer was usually, “No”, not what I wanted to hear.

Ethan is in 6th grade but learned a lot from GPA Learn’s 5th grade level. Some lessons were easy but many challenged him. Especially lessons that taught Order of Operations with Integers and Multiplying by the Powers of 10 and Place Value of Decimals, those were a challenge for him.   If he didn’t receive Master status he would redo the lesson. Sometimes it taking 4 tries.

Reaching Master status was a great motivator for him. If he scored below Excellent I had him redo the lesson. Anything above was considered a passing grade. But of course he always wanted to be a Rockstar

Another huge motivator for him was earning the e-cards. He was able to buy 4 Lego sets with the 4 $10.00 Toys R Us gift cards.

Toward the end of this review I had him take an assessment test from that his current math program provides and I was happy to see that he scored up a level.

What we thought could be improved: Ethan and I both noticed that some of the lessons were too wordy and because of this he would become confused. I think it was too much for him to process.

In the screenshot below the sentence says, “The standard of the area of the algebra tile is 121. The area of the algebra tile is 121 centimeters squared.”
GPA simplify the wording by not including the first sentence
Because the standard of the area of the algebra tile 121 is mentioned twice it confused Ethan. I think all that was needed is the second sentence.

When the lessons were too wordy Ethan would come to me saying he didn’t understand so I would sit with him and read through the lesson omitting words that were repeated over and that I felt were confusing him. When I did that he would say, “I get it now, thanks mom!”

Another con was the voices were robotic. I think it bothered me more than Ethan. After a few weeks I did get use to it but at the same time I wondered if that’s why at times some lesson were hard for Ethan to understand.

Final thoughts: I really liked this program. It was a lot of fun for the boys even with the robotic voice and some lessons being too wordy. When the boys ask to do math and I have to pull them away from it to complete the rest of school then I know we got a winner!

Price: GPA Learn cost $149 for each child per year or $12.99 per month per child. Please visit their website as they are having a special right now for $129.

GPA Learn Review
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