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Schoolhouse Review: Ready to Teach

Greek Morphemes Lessons
I have been homeschooling for 12 years now and in those 12 years I have always wanted to teach Greek (Latin too!). Somehow the subject just doesn’t happen. So . . . what about learning the Greek morphemes instead! That’s what Ethan and I have been doing for the past 5 weeks!

Company name: Ready to Teach

Review item: Greek Morphemes Lessons (It’s NOT Greek to Me!) Instructor’s Manual, Student Workbook, and PowerPoint files on Cd (as of April the program will come with a thumb drive)

Review helper: Ethan my 12 year old 6th grader

About Greek Morphemes Lessons: Greek Morphemes was developed by Alene H. Harris, Ph.D. she taught secondary Language Arts and science for 16 years. She developed a vocabulary program based on Greek Morphemes after quickly realizing that students memorizing long words and longer definitions resulted in little long lasting learning. Thus Greek Morphemes was born. By having students learning small word parts with small meaning they memorized morphemes that would last them a life time. To this day Arlene Harris encounters former students to which she will ask, “So, did anything from our class stay with you through the years?” Most would reply, “Greek Roots!”

Greek Morphemes (It’s NOT Greek to Me!) is a vocabulary program with Greek morphemes analysis based on over 200 Greek roots, prefixes, and suffixes. The program consist of 12 lessons. Each lesson has between 12-22 morphemes. There are 15 test included in this course. One after each lesson, two review test, and a final test after lesson 12 is completed. The student workbook is consumable.

How it works: The Cd has three folders: one for Instructions, Self Review Game, and Transparencies. What’s neat about this program is your child can use the Power Point files Cd/flash drive to work through the lessons. Each lesson has a set of slides for the child (and mom if using together) can use as a guide. The slides let the child know what page to work on.
Greek Morphemes Lesson 1 Slide
Here is another example.
Greek Morphemes Lesson 3 Words to Work
The second folder is where Ethan was able to play a game to test his newfound Greek morphemes knowledge.

I love that the game is simple and straight to the point. Simply click on the meaning of the morpheme. If it’s correct you’ll get a smiley face, if not a sad face. There are 7 meaning per morpheme for you child to choose from. If Ethan clicked on the wrong answer he can try again.
Ready to Teach Game
The 3rd folder contains the transparencies . These actually came in handy. I printed some of them for Ethan. It made the morphemes portable. When we had a dentist appointment it was much easier to take his morphemes page with him on a single sheet of paper. Much easier than taking his book. 
Ready to Teach file
Student Book: Each lesson has a list of morphemes in 3 parts: roots, prefixes, suffixes. The child uses the PowerPoint slide to go through each definition which is to be written next to the morpheme by the student. On the same page is a list of words containing the morphemes called: Words to Work. They will be used throughout the lesson.

When your child is done with this page he is to make a set of study cards that will be used throughout the week to practice the Greek morphemes. Blank color paper is provided in the back of the book for this.

The lesson have pages A-D:

Assignments A and B is two pages where the child will work through each of the Words to Work from the first page mentioned above. Here Ethan wrote the word, each morpheme in the word and its meaning, and his definition. He was suppose to write the dictionary definition too but because of time I only had him read it. This assignment takes two days. Ethan wrote the first half of the words (A) one day and second half (B) the next day.

Assignment C Ethan had to create a context clue sentence for any 8 words. On the bottom of page C he had to create two new words, work each word through, and write a context clue for the word.

Assignment D consist of two pages. The first page he had to break the words apart and write a definition. The second page he had to match one of the words previous page to a funny definition.

After each lesson there is a test that’s located in the Teacher Manual. After the second lesson there is a review for lessons 1-2, another review for lessons 1-6, and another for lessons 1-12. All 3 review lessons are in the Student Book.
Greek Morphemes Ethan Approved
Instructor's Manual: has 5 sections which include:
  1. Background, Introduction, and Lesson plans
  2. Greek Morphemes Lessons
  3. Transparency Masters
  4. Review & Answer Keys
  5. Test and Answer Keys
How we used Greek Morphemes Lessons (It’s NOT Greek to Me!): I had really, really, really, intended to use this 5 days a week but life got hectic, think babysitting, snow days, dentist appointment, and weekend get-away! We ended up using Greek Morphemes Lessons three times a week and because of our three days a week we are currently working through lesson 3.

Ethan and I worked on some of the pages together especially the first few weeks. After he was more comfortable with the lessons and we both understood the program better he was able to do the student pages mostly on his own. I still sat with him for at least one student page and I would drill him using the study cards that were in the Teacher Manual.
I didn’t want to be all hands off with this because I know he’ll retain more if I’m involved.

Week 1 

First Day: Ethan started with the Lesson Notes Ethan would put the PowerPoint Cd in the computer and would go through the slides while filling out his workbook page. He also completed Assignment A-Write and Work through the first half of the words.

Second Day: he completed the second half of Assignment A. We reviewed morphemes. With the first half we did this together. I would write the word on the whiteboard and ask him to find the Greek morphemes. I’d then write the morphemes on the board along with the meaning and lastly the definition.

Third Day: Ethan completed Assignment C and reviewed the morphemes. If he had time he would also do one of the pages of Assignment D.

Week 2

First Day: If Ethan didn’t complete part of Assignment D he started with that otherwise he would complete both pages.

Second Day: Finish any pages that he didn’t get to and review playing the game on the PowerPoint Cd

Third Day: Ethan played the game again and took the test.

That is how we completed one lesson in two weeks.

Final thoughts: I’ll be honest, when I first received this program I thought, uh-oh, Ethan is not going to like this. It has a lot of writing and the pages don’t look fun. Yikes! And I the Instructor's Manual looked confusing.

Once we started the program though I saw that Ethan was doing well with it. I even found him in bed completing one of his assignments! I’ve never ever had that happen before, my son take school to his cozy place!  When I asked him what he liked about it he said he liked learning the Greek morphemes because he was learning what words meant. He made me smile.

What I love about the program is it fits into our homeschool day. Ethan worked on it for 30-40 minutes. I also liked that once Ethan knew what to do he could do the workbook pages on his own. Having the study cards was a huge help. I kept them out on the counter and was able to pick one up throughout the day and ask quiz Ethan on a morpheme.

The program is recommended for secondary level students (7-12) but can be adapted for a younger student by working slower and giving the child less morphemes per week. The author is also working on two additional resources: What's New and Student Ideas. You simply enter the UPC number to access the resources.

What I would have liked included in this program is if the PowerPoint (and I don’t know if one can do this with PowerPoint) had it so we could click on the morpheme and hear how to pronounce it.

With the Instructor's Manual I would have loved for everything for one lesson together. For example instead of having the Transparency Masters, Review & Answer Keys, and Test & Answer Keys in separate sections of the Teacher Manual, I would have loved for all of them to have been grouped together by lessons. I felt that I was flipping through the manual a lot. Having an audio feature would have been wonderful because with some of the morphemes Ethan and I were not sure if we were pronouncing them correctly. We would have to Google the morpheme if we weren't sure.

Other than that I do believe Ethan will be improving his vocabulary by learning Greek Morphemes!

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