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Stamp Collection Found

Look what Annette found! My stamp collection. She had so much fun going through and looking at them all. Many of them are baby stamps. I had little kids back in my scrapbooking days.
I haven’t used my stamps in a long time. I went from scrapbooking to blogging. I plan to continue scrapbooking after the kids are grown so we’ll see (wink).
It was fun watching Annette’s excitement as she went through the container of stamps and stamp accessories.

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  1. I'm sure Auntie Rose would be proud of Annette's excitement towards the stamps. Guess it's in the blood! ;)

    My stamps are all packed away. I sold some on eBay too but kept some of them too. I wish I had the space to scrapbook, but my place is so small...I don't even own a kitchen table! So sad. Maybe one day...


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