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Week 10 (2015)

Week 10

March 16-20th

Wow, week 10 already! It seems like we just started back up with school. Half those weeks were pretty hectic with lots of 3 day weeks. I wonder if that’s what happens when start our homeschool back during the winter time. Thankfully its been good though.

I still need to get pictures of the kids though. Way late on that one. I’m still trying to fit it all in. I have been slacking with teaching All About Reading. I do hope to get back to that soon.

As for this week Lance is doing so much better now that we started using ACE PACEs. I can’t believe I am having him use ACE for almost all his subjects. I admit I miss Heart of Dakota: Preparing. I absolutely love the way Carrie put everything together but it’s just hard when I have struggling readers.
Lance School
This week I added three more PACEs to Lance’s school: Bible, English, and Word Building. He only did a few lessons with the new subjects. I also added a math book that I purchased last year for him: Mathematical Reasoning from the Critical Thinking Co. I love how the series adds a variety of math skills in a fun way and they are so colorful.

This week he is studying the book of Mathew (Mathew 1:16-23). I sat with him through the reading but he completed the fill in the blank questions on his own. In a few weeks we may put this on hold to complete Firmly Planted: The Books of Moses 2.

For math this week, Lance has been completing a page or two a day of Mathematical Reasoning and CTC Math.
CTC Math
Lance keeps wanting to skip ahead to multiplication but he still needs practice with 3 and 4 digit subtraction. Next week I’ll have him continue with 3 and 4 digit subtraction. He also uses CTC Math’s Speed Skills. In a few weeks Lance will help out with a review item that I’m pretty excited about from A+ called Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plans.

In science Lance has been reading about the moon, sun, and stars. I love to see how he connects the dots. For instance one day we were sitting and he was reading about the moon. When we were done he said, “Mom, I remember hearing about that listening to the Story of the World. They said, the eagle has landed!” He made Lupe and I laugh so hard. He started crying because he thought we were making fun of him. It’s just that he’s so cute with his expressions, body language, and his seriousness.

I explained that we weren’t laughing at him but at his cute-smartness. He’s so cute!
Mathematical Reasoning
In history he is learning about the continents, how to use a globe, and how God made the earth hang in space from nothing. Pretty amazing!!!

In English he just started and the first pages were review of phonic sounds (which Lance needs). Next week he will practice putting words in alphabetical order.

Lance is also working his way slowly through Star Toaster, the reading is a challenge for him though but he loves earning stars and I like that he’s learning vocabulary, critical thinking skills, math, science, and just having fun with it.

As much as I’d love Lance to be using Heart of Dakota I’m so happy that he’s liking school and getting it done. It’s not the path that I’d have chosen for him a few months ago but now he’s completing his subjects and that’s a good thing!
Ethan School
Ethan my 6th grader is also using ACE PACEs. This week I added the Bible PACE. His Bible Reading for this week was Acts 1-2. He’ll continue with this next week as well. He only read through the first chapter this week.

Ethan is my Crew School student. Right now along with his PACEs he’s using:

This is another reason why using ACE PACEs is a plus here. He is not overwhelmed with being a review helper!

English he completed his first PACE. He focused on the different types of sentences: declarative, interrogative, exclamatory. He also practiced adding s, ed, and ing to words.

Social Studies he read about Native and North Americans, the Iroquois, Seneca, Cherokees of the Eastern Woodlands, Pueblo, and Navajo of the Southwest.

Science he’s studying about living and non living matter. Some vocabulary words he’s learning: atomic theory, molecular theory, molecule, neutron, nucleus, proton.

Word Building he is writing sentences using the spelling words to be learned in this PACE. He’s writing homonyms, writing word families, and reviewing the long a words.

Writing & Literature he read the first three chapters of Miracle at Camp Friendship. He had to write about three friends and tell at least one interesting thing about them and answer questions in his PACE.

Caleb started a new math book also from The Critical Thinking Co., Understanding Algebra. He is also using CTC Math.

The Critical Thinking Co. sent this to Homeschooling6 for us to review.
Here Caleb started the first lesson.
Look what came for both Brent and Caleb, Spelling You See!
This is a review item for Brent. I also ordered a set for Caleb.

Both boys have been using IXL for grammar this week.

The Schoolhouse Review has been a huge blessing to our family. Many of the items we are using have come from the Crew or have been introduced by the Crew and we have continued with them (like CTC Math and Spelling You See to just name a few!). 


  1. The weeks sure do fly by! I cannot believe I spent the past few weeks contemplating and deciding on next years books already.

    I'm still pondering over Spelling You See. I had to slow it down this year, but HOD incorporates dictation, so not exactly sure.

  2. I know, making those school decisions can be tough.

    I like the Spelling You See dictations because they actually get done. HOD dictations at our house for some reason doesn't get done.


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