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Week 7 (2015)

Week of February 23-27th
Week 7 was pretty crazy. The first two days were brrr cold. Everything was iced over. Lupe stayed home from work Monday because the roads were not very safe. Public schools were closed and even Starbucks closed around 5:00 P.M.

I wrote about our first three days last week, titled Some Snow. So I’ll let you all read that post if interested.

Thursday we tried to get back into school mode but it wasn’t easy.
Look Brent’s face trying to concentrate. He is completing math.
With lots of hot chocolate and coffee. Yes, I let the kids have a cup of organic swiss water decaf coffee now and then. Sometime with caffeine too but that’s limited.

And I made some low carb cinnamon swirl muffins. Everyone loves them.
Ethan started a review item Greek Morphemes.
I’m thankful for ACE PACEs because the week was busy with having 7 extra kiddos at our house and yet my children were still able to get some work done.

Now the older ones: Caleb and Brent, they completed math and wrapped up a Heart of Dakota unit. Brent completed unit 10 and so did Caleb. I will admit I have to keep on them or they’ll “forget”. My goal is to have them complete each unit without me having to remind them. Those turkeys.

Josh works now so he’s slowed down with school. He is learning how to manage a part-time job and school. This week he’s catching up. If it was one of my other kids I’d be alarmed about the school work. With Josh, I know he’ll get it done. He will work over the weekend to get school done and has done this in the past pre-job.

Josh wanted a job so he could start buying stock. Lupe and I will help keep him on track with that goal. I know it can be tempting to just spend, spend, spend.  He’s faithful to give his 10% to God thankfully.

The job requires black shoes and I was impressed with Josh. He took some of his money from the bank and went to Sports Academy. The shoes were $60.00 and he paid for them. Didn’t ask his dad or I for money.

Annette too, she is making a quilt and has purchased all the material herself. I’ll have to take some pictures of some of what she’s bought. Her theme is Texas!
And that wrapped up another week at Homeschooling6. Hopefully next week I’ll take more pictures. I know this post didn’t have a whole lot.

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  1. It's been special to catch up with your blog. I'm missing so much of my usual computer time. I don't want to be rude to my mom but, I've enjoyed this weekend trying to catch up with everyone :)

    Please send me your recipe for those muffins!!!


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