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Crew Schooling

Our 3rd day using Latina Christiana and so far we are liking it.
Latina Christiana
We started with the cards. I showed him the Latin word and he had to guess the English translation.
Latina Christiana
Next he worked on writing the Latin word using the Vocabulary Drill worksheet.  He suppose to do this 3x a week. He writes them on a reproducible worksheet provided in the Teacher’s Manual. He also used the Grammar Drill. On this sheet he wrote the conjugations.

Ethan completed his Latina Christiana workbook page yesterday so today he did two sections in his Review Worksheets. Parts A and B.
We also used the Cd to listen to Christus Vincit and recite the Latin saying, vocabulary, and grammar forms.

Next week I might add Famous Men of Rome as suggested in the teacher manual. I misplaced my teacher guide to that so I have to reorder another one. It was brand new too. I think I threw it away accidentally. I had put it in a box because I was in a hurry to get out of the house. That box was thrown out! And I haven’t seen the Famous Men of Rome teacher guide since.

The kids and I started week 3 with studying the books of Moses.
Firmly Planted Bible Study
And I was checking Lance’s cursive.
All the kiddos completed A+ Math as well.

And that’s a little peek into our school day.

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